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What’s The One Question Your Customers Are Asking?


Every single person who visits your website or interacts with your business is asking one question - what’s here for me. And most often, we’re answering them with, “if you do this you’ll get that.”

And that’s a good answer. With many business websites, you can’t even see the client. Sure, you can find testimonials or case studies, but you see very little of what the customer is looking for - themselves.

Doesn’t this goe against our true human nature. Yeah, sure, we want to rule and control our environment. But even that gets old. Think about the last argument you ‘won.’ Might have felt great for a little while, but didn’t you soon start to feel a bit empty inside, as though something got taken from you?

Now think of the last time you gave something to someone. Not just gave something, but gave them something they loved. Now go further in thinking about the last time you gave something to some that they loved openly without wanting or expecting anything in return - at all.

Didn’t that feel great? And do you remember how the feeling filled you up with excitement and warmth that stayed with you for a while?

That is THE secret to business success…giving. But not just giving, giving freely, openly without expecting anything in return. When you give like this, it’s like planting seeds fertile soil. With a little time, some sunshine and regular watering, that seed will product a tree that gives you fruit year in and year out.

So how are you giving your customers what they want?

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    On January 16th, 2008 at 5:43 pm, Alex Shalman said:

    They are asking, how can I get more Wendy Piersall in bulk… 1 is not enough!

    On January 16th, 2008 at 5:57 pm, Suzie Cheel said:

    Real food for thought Dawud. good point for your blog, when you write from the heart, expecting nothing in return but to give our readers pleasure, sometimes the comments that appear can make your day:)

    On January 16th, 2008 at 9:51 pm, Cory Huff said:

    It’s true. I started my first blog as a way to gather information for myself on different artist’s issues and share it with whoever wanted to read.

    Now I get really interesting comments and emails from people all over the place. My blog has taken the very “long tail” approach, which surprised me a little.

    I didn’t originally plan on this blog becoming anything, but it’s become much more than I expected it to.

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