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I’m Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


Today my youngest daughter started Kindergarten. For the first time in almost 13 years, I have uninterrupted free time.
I can go have a latte just for the heck of it.
My family room isn’t getting trashed as I type.
I’m not being asked for candy for breakfast (since I have never once said yes to this request, […]

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Knowing When To Slow Down


When’s the last time you took a moment just to look up at the sky? Or paused for a second to enjoy the sun warming your face?
When’s the last time you actually sat and enjoyed watching your kids play?
I’m busy, and like you I work hard. My business is booming. And what’s on the horizon […]

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Do You Have a Seasonal Search Engine Optimization Strategy?


Recently I’ve been watching my search engine referrals more closely than usual because I have been working to optimize for some new terms. It struck me that after almost year and a half of blogging, the data available on traffic patterns is astronomically valuable to you in terms of building your online business.
I’m a stats […]

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Did Valleywag Just Call You a MILF?


Did Mary Jane Irwin at Valleywag just call you a MILF?
She did if you are the new VC’s dream - Mothers I‘d Like to Fund.
As in us. MommyBloggers.
I guess the fawning and overdose of schwag wasn’t enough at BlogHer - us moms who blog were once the brunt of insults and jokes… and now some […]

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Overheard While Working at Home


This guest post was submitted by the most excellent and patient eMoms reader, Joe Staples.
It’s true: working at home has a number of benefits. I telecommute 2 days per week, saving about $30 weekly on gas, or $7.50 on bus and train fare, depending on my mode of transportation that week. I don’t have to fight with traffic, […]

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5 WordPress Hosting Lessons :: How to Survive the Digg Effect


digg_url = ‘’;Last June, I lived an internet entrepreneur’s nightmare as my site was up and down (mostly down) for a week due to one of my posts getting onto the front page of Digg.
This wasn’t my first trip to Digg Stardom - nor the second. My little WordPress blog had been there twice before. […]

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Monday Motivation :: Back to School Means Back to Business!


My friend Char is doing the happy dance today. Not only is today the first day of school, but for the first time ever, ALL of her kids are in school. I’m so jealous. My kids don’t start until Wednesday, and for some stupid reason, the kindergarteners don’t start until Friday (who the #$%& starts […]

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