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Really, What’s Wrong With People?


I was going to post something entirely different today…something about giving.
But I made the mistake of first reading the post Wendy put up earlier and now I’ve got an axe to grind on.
So really, what’s wrong with people? How did some of us learn to be kind, polite and descent while others somehow missed that […]

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When Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyber-Rage go too Far


I just read about the suicide of Megan Meier (via MumDinger) . She was a girl who struggled with depression from a young age - but found a new friend named Josh on MySpace that brought new hope to her life.
The sick and twisted side to the story is that there was no Josh. Indeed, […]

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Dawud is a Daddy x3


Dawud is on his way back from his paternity leave from writing here on eMoms at Home. He and his wife welcomed their third child Laila Amara Miracle to the world in mid November.
As in, literally just him and his wife, in their bathroom, welcomed their third child together. It’s a great story.
And Laila is […]

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Be Scared. Daily. No… Make that Hourly.


Nataly over at WorkItMom has written a post that you must read:
Having your own business means being scared…every single day
Usually, I give you a portion of her article over here and make you go read the rest over there. So here’s that little portion:
“What I’ve learned from my six-month stint as a full-time, no security […]

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Monday Motivation :: The December Crunch


December is such a crazy month - especially for those of us who run a home business. We can plan as much as possible for time off during the holidays, but ultimately, the work still needs to get done. So the only way to make that happen is to crunch more work in before the […]

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