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The Biggest Blog Post of My Life


Let me start at the beginning. Not at the beginning of this blog. Not even at the beginning of this decade. I’ll start at the beginning of my career. Why? Because this is a journey that has been tragic and difficult, exhilarating and amazing. I want to start at the beginning, because I want you […]

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Orlando Elite Retreat Announced


The Elite Guys announced the details today on the next Elite Retreat coming up in Orlando, June 8-9th.
They have a slightly new lineup of speakers as well:

Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker
Lee Dodd - Earner’s Forum
Kris Jones - PepperJam
Neil Patel - Pronet Advertising
David Adams - CPA Affiliates
Keynote :: Alex Zhardanovsky, Co-Founder of AzoogleAds

Now, this time around they are […]

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Help Wanted :: Work at Home Doing Blog Design


Friend and recent interviewee Sarah Lewis from Blogging Expertise seems to be riding the wave of success lately.  She got tons of inquiries from the ProBlogger post I wrote about her SEO coding skills, went on to get hit with a StumbleUpon surge for her follow up post, and soon she will be releasing her […]

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Kicking Off SEO Week with Search Engine Guide


I mentioned earlier that next week we’ll be focusing on Search Engine Optimization as part of the eMoms Birthday Party Contest (which is turning into a mini Elite Retreat!)
As fate would have it, a perfect synchronization of events have taken place, and I’m thrilled to announce that Search Engine Guide is a new sponsor of […]

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MyBlogLog Snags Robyn Tippins as Community Manager


Rumor has it that MyBlogLog has hired Robyn Tippins as their new Community Manager this week. This is the coveted position they announced in January that even I would have considered taking if it wasn’t in California!
This was such a smart move on their part - she is absolutely perfect for the job! She’s worked […]

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eMoms Birthday Party Contest - Grow Your Business with ShoeMoney & eMom!


On April 29th, this blog will be one year old. I’ve spent countless hours building this site into an inspiring resource for home based bloggers and internet marketers who want to take their business to the next level.
So what better way to throw a birthday bash than to create an opportunity for all of you […]

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Super-Secret Announcements Next Week - Get Ready!


You want to pay attention to this notice:
I have a BIG announcement to make next week. Two of them, in fact (at least I hope I can spill the beans about the second one, I’m waiting for a green light on that!).
What’s the special occasion?
Well, the eMoms at Home One Year Birthday is coming up […]

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OMG :: I am Going to Elite Retreat!!!


Holy cow!
I just got an email from Lee Dodd!! I was the chosen winner of a free ticket to Elite Retreat next week in San Francisco!!!
Please bear with me if there are typos in this post, because I am so FLIPPING excited I can hardly type! As in, I screamed and jumped around the house […]

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Daylight Savings Can Cause Outlook Problems


Daylight savings is this weekend, thanks to some new legislation that sped up our process for getting a little more light in our days.
Outlook doesn’t know about this (slacker!).
Microsoft has released an update to fix the problem, and the ever-glowing and wonderful Jessica Duquette has the link for you.
Since my brain is surgically attached to […]

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Welcome the Girl Scouts to Web 2.0


I saw a post on AdFreak the other day about the Girl Scouts coming into the new millenium. I was a Brownie myself as a kid - and my daughter is in the girl scouts too.
So I thought their new WOM campaign was very interesting - they have started a Girl Scouts MySpace page (wise), […]

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