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On the (completely looney-tunes) street where I live


Don’t you just love this kind of ca-razy?

OK, maybe bad, but also hilarious.


I’m just happy that this wasn’t written from prison!

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Blog reading-reading-reading… Rawhide!


Alternatively, you could just come over to my kitchen where I get to do this for free. (Maybe I should start charging admission?)


Stop by these new digs and check out the new mission.


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Apparently now posts are screaming at me. I think I need professional help.



NEVER has a post screamed out for a photo more than this one.

Hey, at least it was strangers. I mean it could have been worse. (Not much, but a little.)

Excellent news! I’m happy Archer had a great day. That can be a tricky transition.

(And by the way, I’m giving away a Nikon over on Momsational.)

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It’s all about the extremes


It seems only appropriate to start a Monday off with bad tidings, so here we go. Friends are having hard times, go see what you can do.

If you then need some kind of relief, here’s a sweet one :)

And after the above tornado of emotions, I promise the rest of this post will be peaceful.

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Not telling you about my dreams since 2007


I agree. I don’t think Britney Spears will be alive come 2009, and that is a tragedy. And her kids… it is all just so awful.

Phew, I was worried there for a minute!

Conclusion is debatable ;)

Contemplation under the cork tree.

Now unlike what we’re having in California today, that’s real weather.

(And a personal confession: I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t really care for haiku posts… For me, they’re right up there with posts which begin “Let me tell you about the dream I had last night.” There. I said it. I feel so much better.)

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So “Dora” teaches kids what, exactly?


“So definitely until Summer.” I love it.

What a beautiful memory.

Ha! And I think that pretty much there is no such thing as educational television.

Argh, that really sucks.

Solution: move to Hawaii ;)

Bossy, woman-to-woman, I’ve just got to tell you… You’re a force to be reckoned with. I hope your trip is fabulous!

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Gettin it on on the freeway. At 35 miles an hour…


Hey, did you know that ThisIsMeMaria was back? I didn’t — and check out why I missed her.

I laughed! I’m her friend now! I actually laughed so hard I cried, so I guess that makes me a friend who calls you up in the middle of the night weeping. Hmmm.

Yay, I can’t wait :)

“Don’t use the dark force on your brother.” Snort!

Oy, I live in fear of the days ahead when my kids are old enough to have significant interactions like this. This new policy seems sound to me.
Whoo hoo!

Ack, disgusting.

(Aw shucks, thanks WTM. I’m blushing :)

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The crafty-types weigh in


OMG, ditto. Just ditto. Exactly the way I feel.

Grrr, houseguests can be, um, well, let’s just say they can be “trying.”

I love this energy. Bottle it and I’d buy some!

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