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15 free (or really cheap) must-haves for a small business


Welcome back!
Whether you are thinking about monetizing your blog or you’re getting a startup going, there are plenty of things to spend money on….  lawyers, advertising, you name it…. so don’t waste your money on silly infrastructure when you can get equivalent (or better) things for free.
Every dollar you save in startup costs will increase […]

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So a funny thing happened on the way to 2.0….


About a month ago, I figured I’d eventually end up writing for eMoms, so in preparation, I decided to upgrade my own blog to version 2.0, both figuratively and literally… and boy, what a fun adventure it was.
I always try to test things out before having to go live, so since eMoms was a WordPress-powered […]

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Launch of T3: Tech Talk Tuesday


Hi! I’m Chris Furmanski, and I’m ultra-excited (honored, really) to be the newest contributor at eMoms.
I’m calling my post Tech Talk Tuesday, but I’m really hoping to address much more than technology (I’m just a sucker for alliteration).
I’ll be sharing my thoughts on startups and web technology (founder of an educational startup for kids […]

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The Changing Face of Home Business :: High Tech Startup


Did you know that almost half (49%) of the nation’s businesses are operated from home? And that nearly 19% of home businesses are in the technical/scientific/professional industry? That equates to 1,567,555 businesses (as of 2002, surely more now) - most of which conduct some portion of their business online.

Home businesses used to be stereotyped as […]

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