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Weekend Conversation :: If You Could Change One Thing About Your Business…


I’m really loving these weekend conversations we’ve been having lately. It’s really important to me that I’m not the only one talking here - all of you have such a vast level of expertise and knowledge - I really want you all to learn from each other as much as you learn from me!!
So for […]

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Friday Distractions :: Boogie Down with Me!


A very select few readers know that I love to dance - and I will even say I’m pretty good at it. Yet, I must sadly admit that this Cockatoo has my butt whipped when it comes to boogieing down!
Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh - we need it on Fridays!

Link […]

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Is it Fear of Failure or Fear of Success that is Holding You Back?


My second home based business was a great freelance graphic design business. I ran it for 4 years from home, never took on any debt, and made money every year (until the end… but that’s another story). There were several times in which I tried to figure out how to grow the company without taking […]

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Want a Little Personalized Blogging Help?


Leave it to ‘Da Man Easton Ellsworth to celebrate his 2nd blogging birthday in style.
Easton writes at BusinessBlogWire and is also Editor for Know More Media.
He’s offering free blogging tips to anyone who emails him requesting help.  Don’t know his email address? Well, you can’t miss it here.

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5 Simple Daily Things to do to Grow Your Business


Ever read an article and say to yourself “Dang, that was so good I wish I wrote it?”
Well, Nataly over at WorkItMom did just that recently - and I’ll also confess that I’m not nearly as disciplined as she evidently is (got to work on that one…).
Her article is 5 Simple Things You Should Do […]

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Two Great Bloggers. Two Great Work at Home Dads. One Great Freebie!


Did you know that two of my favorite bloggers, Brian Clark of CopyBlogger and Tony Clark of Success from the Nest are also two work at home dads? And did you also know they are both gifted entrepreneurs and internet marketers?
Actually, you probably did.
Anyway, these two friends of mine recently announced an inspiring […]

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15 free (or really cheap) must-haves for a small business


Welcome back!
Whether you are thinking about monetizing your blog or you’re getting a startup going, there are plenty of things to spend money on….  lawyers, advertising, you name it…. so don’t waste your money on silly infrastructure when you can get equivalent (or better) things for free.
Every dollar you save in startup costs will increase […]

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