I Have the Best Blog Readers on the Planet

I’m coming back to my online life… slowly! Our week couldn’t have gone better last week - we got a ton of family time, honored a great woman who passed, and my hubby and I grew closer than we ever have before. I hardly plugged in my computer at all over the last 4 days, and the time spent with my family was worth every second.

Yet going unplugged drove me a little batty at times. I got over 500 emails in this downtime and I am anxious to respond to everyone - yet with this NLP certification course now underway, it’s 9:24pm and I have a few hours of homework to accomplish before I hit the sack.

So I just wanted to drop by and first of all let you know that I’ll be responding to emails by Wednesday - so hang tight if you are waiting on me to reply to an email.

And I also want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments and emails offering such warm and wonderful support (and much needed, too!!). I feel honored to have such kick a$$ readers and have to say YOU ROCK! :)

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One Comment on “I Have the Best Blog Readers on the Planet”

  1. katiebird Says:

    500 emails! Oh, my.

    I know exactly what you mean by the importance of renewal time with family. That’s something I always have to think about. Because I’m still working a full-time job. And could be easy to slide into spending my whole evening touching base with my blog friends or drafting my next post. And the next thing I know everyone else has gone to bed and we’ve hardly said two words. Luckily I’m a little too gabby for that to actually happen. But it’s something I fear.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful site and insights — I’ve missed your daily posts. But I still think you should pace yourself. (this from a girl who just asked if I should send you copies of my homework!!)