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10 Days to a Better Blog FREE eCourse

Are new, or new-ish to blogging?

This free
10 day email eCourse

will help you
get your blog on track
to grow your

traffic, readership, and visibility!

Its a wonderful course. I feel a strong sense of renewal since starting it.

Your lessons are right-on and take just the right amount of time.

I know that if you look back at my posts (and interactions at other blogs) you can see the differences. I feel like my brain is bubbling with energy and enthusiasm.

- Catherine Hendricks

I took the 10 Days to a Better Blog eCourse offered by eMom and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. While I have not completed all of the steps to the fullest I have seen an increase in my traffic and expect to see a significant increase once I follow all of the steps completely. The course provided a great framework for developing a plan to execute to and great suggestions for continuing to grow your traffic. I especially liked the choice links lesson (Day 4) from other blogs. I could have gone to these sites and combed through them to find these prime posts, but it would have taken me a weekend and I may or may not have found these great posts.

- Randy Moog

Topics covered include:

* Monetization ideas
* Design and layout tips
* Copywriting help
* Networking tips
* And more!
(Do I sound like an
infomercial yet??)

I really like the format. I think the way you build on the past lesson each day helps solidify what youre talking about. I like the examples and resource links you provide. Seeing what others are doing is really helpful.

I think the practical advice offered from your own experiences makes it more personal. Ive taken email courses before where it was all rote and no real substance. Though Ive been reading blogs for years, Success from the Nest is my first real attempt at my own daily niche blog. I found several of your tips to be things I may have either overlooked or didnt consider when getting started

- Tony Clark

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