The Law of Attraction, Sobriety, Depression and Being a Size 6

Wendy, what the heck? I thought this was supposed to be a work at home parents blog!

So what do the law of attraction, sobriety, depression and being a size 6 have to do with anything around here?

Not much, actually. ;)

That’s the point.

These are all subjects that I have touched on in this blog that have prompted MANY of you wonderful readers to contact me privately and ask more about how I have overcome these challenges in my past.

I’ve responded to all of you along the way, but I prefer to answer reader questions on the blog, so that more people get to benefit from the answers. Unfortunately, most of these answers simply aren’t on topic around here. I’ve been able to weave in bits and pieces of my experiences as they relate to business (and personal challenges affect us everywhere in life, anyway). But it is time to devote more time and energy to these topics.


1-Because I want to address the volumes of email I get on a weekly basis from people seeking help that I can provide

2-Because it fits awfully well with my new-ish coaching practice

3-Because it fits with my life purpose that I left my high-paying, outside-the-home career to pursue back in April

You know, it’s funny how all these things work out - and hindsight seems to always reinforce my trust in the Universe and the process of life in general. When I launched eSelfHelp, I specifically didn’t want to be at the forefront of the site. I think I wasn’t quite ready to be a true leader yet. When eMoms took off and eSelfHelp didn’t, I was left to figure out why the heck that was the case.

But after talking with several of my colleagues, it became clear that the reason this site was working was because I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there as an expert in my field. Once I embraced my power and owned my place as a leader, this blog just skyrocketed.

Thanks for the nudge Universe (and to myself!). I got the hint.

I’m ready to move forward and be at the forefront. I am ready to lead and to serve everyone who wants my help. And I’m launching my new blog in the next week or two to take my own career to the next level.

Don’t worry, eMoms at Home is staying put and nothing is changing around here - it’s just time I started helping a lot of other people besides work at home parents. :)

Stay tuned!

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