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Nifty Free Site Tools (I would pay for these!!)

Monday, August 28th, 2006

I came across a couple of really valuable tools this last weekend.
If you are a Firefox user, you may notice that now I have a pretty little icon in the address bar (it appears in Bloglines even in IE). I created the icon in Photoshop, then went to HTML-Kit, uploaded the image, and it automatically generated a correctly formatted icon - and even offered an animated alternative! Fun!

Even better (and I’m sure won’t be free forever!) is HitTail.

First of all, for a quick overview of the Longtail concept, watch HitTail’s quick demo.

Next, add a tiny piece of code to your site template or blog template. Then watch and wait as HitTail tracks the search engine traffic that comes your way, analyzes the keywords, and actually makes recommendations for topics to enable you to own the traffic from highly targeted search phrases.

Lastly, I heard about HitTail from the gals over at BuildABetterBlog who wrote a nice shout out for eMoms yesterday. I tried to leave a comment of thanks, but kept getting distracted by their great posts and resources. I had to come back numerous times to finally express my gratitude!

Learning site optimization as I go…

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Well, it’s been a bit frustrating lately here at eMoms. But I am getting back into the swing of things again, as I am committed to making my work from home business succeed.

I spoke with my friend Jonathan the other day, and he and I had a great conversation in regards to getting ranked by Google. This is no small feat in some circumstances, and definitely in my case. Seems as though both and might have been sandboxed by Google. (more…)

Alexa Ranking

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Well, today was a big day for eSelfHelp. My Alexa rank broke the top 100,000, and I have a real graph now!

I’m still trying to figure out where the traffic is coming from, because my server stats are always one day behind. Also, I haven’t figured out how to upload a site map to Google, so I can only be found on Yahoo as of yet. Considering I haven’t even put the word out yet to all of the people I know, I am super-excited that the site is getting such good exposure so early in the game!