Free Stuff for Improving your Blog!

HUH? Yes, I am still working to entice you to send me your testimonials and feedback on  the free 10 Days to a Better Blog eCourse. I have only a couple of books left. In case you missed the first announcement, I am giving away 5 copies of Andy Wibbels’ BlogWild book for those of you who complete this eCourse.

Spend some time improving your blog, tell me about it, and get a free book to help improve your blog even more! It’s a win win — NO, it’s a win win win situation! ;)

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One Comment on “Free Stuff for Improving your Blog!”

  1. katiebird Says:

    Wendy, I was a little under-the-weather yesterday so I’m a day behind. I’m still in the early days. But I’ve been very impressed with the course so far.