Behind the Scenes at eMoms at Home

I’ve been blogging a little less lately - not because I don’t want to write - because I have been so darn busy lately building eMoms as a business! You may have noticed some of the initiatives I have worked on recently. I’ll be quite transparent about it all because:

  1. I have nothing to hide ;)
  2. This is a learn-as-I go blog, and I want you to learn with me!

I put together a blog hosting comparison table that has been heavily linked to by bloggers all over the world (wow!!). I have affiliate links in the table for the platforms and hosting companies I compared. Although it’s receiving a ton of page views, not a lot of revenue has come of it. I believe this is because it’s being seen by a lot of people who already have a solution in place.

I also tried driving some PPC traffic to the post with an AdWords credit I hadn’t used - but I believe the traffic didn’t convert for one major reason - a blog post can be a bit too cluttered for a landing page. So I will rework this page and determine if it makes a difference. I also worded my Google ad to imply these are paid solutions (to keep people seeking free resources from clicking on the ad) - but will try a bit stronger wording to try to entice “shoppers only”.

I rolled out my 10 Days to a Better Blog eCourse last week to start building a blogging email list. This is because I have some interesting ideas in place for products/services for newbie bloggers and it makes good business sense to start building a list for this niche.

My offer still stands to entice you to send me a testimonial/feedback (and got one very nice email already!! Thanks Randy!). The first 5 people who email me their thoughts after going through the whole 10 days of assignments will receive a free copy of Andy Wibbels’ BlogWild!

I used to have an affiliate Home Office Store with OfficeMax on the main site - for the life of me, I couldn’t get anyone to click a link to go to the darn page :) . So I gave up on that initiative and changed the store to a Home Office Furniture store. Since I am a big believer in having an office separate from the home, and having a quality office set up, I thought this was a better match for this blog.

The reason this is so important is because a professional home office setup massively impacts our productivity - so expect to see a few posts here and there highlighting home office furniture products and home office setup tips.

I’m toying with several other blogging ideas - all of which willl take a big time investment, so I”m moving slowly and really analyzing the potential before I jump into any of them.

If you feel like offering your opinion on the subject, here are the options up for consideration:

  1. Start a blog focused more specifically on personal development and recommend and review personal development products (and write some of my own!)
  2. Start a moms holiday blog with crafts, projects, ideas and products for holidays throughout the year
  3. Roll out the BlogJolt to several other niches outside of mom bloggers and sell advertising

So, dear readers, which of these three ideas would add the most value and be the most useful to YOU?? Please drop me a comment or a line and let me know!!

[[PS - if you happen to like the products I highlight on my I Want One blog - send your spouses there for holiday gift ideas!!]]

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7 Comments on “Behind the Scenes at eMoms at Home”

  1. Jason Clegg Says:


    As a regular reader, I feel honored to be part of such an important decision. Personally, I think these are all great ideas and each of them viable income generators.

    I have to ask, though - How do you define your overall business purpose? What long-term objectives really motivate you to create products, services, and information for others?

    Answers to these questions might point you in the direction which will bring the greatest satisfaction (and, quite likely, the greatest wealth).

    Thanks for continuing to create such informed and inspired content. I’m looking forward to the 10 day email course!

    -Mindful Entrepreneur

  2. eMom Says:

    Great question, Jason! My ultimate goal is to provide tools and guidance to individuals to help them listen to and follow their own hearts. So all three ideas fit into that purpose in some way - of course, some more directly than others.

    This is why I turned to my readers for their input - if they would find more value in one of these ways, I would make that idea a priority.

    Ultimately, I’ll likely do all of them - but I just can’t take them all on at once ;) .

    Thanks for the thought-provoking reply!

  3. Busy Mom Says:

    Wow, you’ve got a lot going on!!

  4. Says:

    Follow your bliss girlfriend!


  5. Ben Yoskovitz Says:

    There’s something about your idea for a “mom-holiday” blog that intrigues me. I’m not a mom, but I am a dad. And I have a wife. She’s a mom. She spends a good chunk of time surfing Martha Stewart’s site for cake ideas, craft ideas, etc. for holidays (like my son’s birthday).

    I don’t know what the competition is like in that space in terms of generating an audience- but there’s obvious revenue-generating ideas there: ads, sponsorships (I think this is big!), affiliate marketing, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Jason Clegg Says:

    I would second Ben’s motion on that.

    Although it sounds like a personal development blog would really resonate with your purpose, the holiday blog is a very unique idea with some real revenue potential.

    I suppose you can always add the others later as time allows. :)

  7. Sean Hattaway Says:

    well, I’m not a mom. but I have a mom, and I know she would want all three you’re suggesting.

    why not focus on the holiday projects, then just add some short notes on how moms can undergo personal development through these projects?… I don’t know how to make the third on fit, though.