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To Get into the Autumn Mood October 24, 2006

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Fiori Belli 22-in. Wreath, Fall Medley

I am officially on the hook for Thanksgiving.

And I’m actually pretty excited about it. Since we moved late last year, we haven’t hosted a big holiday at our home in quite a while. So I practiced by making a turkey yesterday (turned out dry as a bone - good thing I practiced and had lots of gravy!!).

But one of the best parts about holidays is that I have the incentive to get my house really, really clean, and I indulge in a little decoration - which is why I want this wreath. To help make the house beautiful as we get to spend the day with the ones we love. :)

Fiori Belli 22-in. Wreath, Fall Medley


To Brace Myself for Thanksgiving October 18, 2006

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Reston Loyd 14x11x9 Clay Roaster

Usually I’m off the hook for preparing Thanksgiving dinner - but this year it is up in the air and I’m wondering if the day will land in my lap. I wouldn’t mind doing it, but I think we all know the level of stress and time involved makes it both a blessing and a curse to host Thanksgiving in our homes!

So I’m already prepping myself for the best (worst?!). And I found this roaster on Cooking.com that looks like it would make an awfully yummy turkey - you even rinse the clay in water to allow it to release steam during the cooking process…

I’m so hungry just writing about it I might make a turkey tonight! Right now, even!

Reston Loyd 14×11x9 Clay Roaster


To Spread the NLP Luv October 16, 2006

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Manage Yourself, Manage Your Life: Vital Nlp Techniques for Personal Well-Being and Professinal Success

This is more of a YOU Might Want One rather than a I Want One! Since I just wrapped up my NLP course, I thought it was the perfect time to find a great NLP book to share.

Want to instantly feel motivated? Want to rewrite your past? Want to make yourself hate ice cream?! Then NLP is for you! :)

Vital NLP Techniques for Personal Well-Being and Professional Success


To Give My Girl a Costume She Deserves ;) October 13, 2006

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Half Angel Half Devil Child Costume

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this costume at SpiritHalloween.com (use code “aff2″ at checkout for free delivery!!) . I bet at least ONE of you moms out there can relate to the Angel / Devil syndrome our children seem to exhibit from time to time:

Have a few kids, throw in some sibling rivalry, and then watch them all come down from their sugar high on Halloween night, and then this costume is perfect to let our daughters show their ‘true selves’ on on All Hallow’s Eve.
Half Angel Half Devil Child Costume


To Spook our Yard October 12, 2006

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Couple of Crows

In the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens , there is the COOLEST Halloween yard decoration project I have seen in a long time - a silhouetted Witch at Work stooping over a smoking cauldron (which unfortunately can only be found in the print edition).

As a time-crunched mamma, I don’t usually get to indulge in big craft projects - but this one was so darn cool that I’m tempted to grab some plywood, my hubby’s jigsaw, and some black paint and make a day of it with the kids. To top it all off, BHG also has these great outdoor-friendly black crows to add the perfect finishing touch to our efforts.
Couple of Crows


To Be Halloween Wow-ed October 11, 2006

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Light Display Projector

Wow! Check out this outdoor projector - it has interchangable slides for deer, stars, balloons, skaters, witches, bats, and ghosts! I don’t normally like these kinds of things, but I think this one is WAY cool - and I want one now!!

(And if my KIDS knew I wanted one, I would never hear the end of it until it arrived on our doorstep - so SHHhhhh!)

Light Display Projector


To Celebrate Halloween AND Harry Potter! October 10, 2006

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I’m a bigger Harry Potter fan than my kids are - so when it comes to decorating for Halloween, I’m definitely a bit biased. If the laws of physics allowed me to have a hovering blue Ford Anglia above my house this October, I’d be all over it!

Until that’s possible, I have to settle for creative substitutes, such as this sculpted resin “dragon fossil” in honor of Hagrid’s first heartbreak in the Sorcerer’s Stone .

You HAVE to click on this link and look at it up close - it’s wicked cool!!

©”Stoker’s Moors Dragon Skull” Sculpture


To Celebrate Halloween! October 9, 2006

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Lil' Monkey

There are FEW things (read:: next to none) that make me long for the days of diapers and drool. I loved my babies, but I love life even more now that they are a bit older. ;)

That being said, I DO wish my young ones were young enough to get into this absolutely flipping adorable baby Monkey costume. They also have a Lion costume, Skunk costume (appropriate for my son’s ability to stink up a room) and the cutest little Kitty costume you can imagine.

So without further ado, these little babies kick off my Halloween Week on the I Want One Blog!
Lil’ Monkey


To CRAM a Lot of MP3 Listening into a Tiny Bit of Time October 6, 2006

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Sony Walkman MP3 Player - NW-E005GREEN

I mentioned earlier I am going to a certification training next week. Because of this, I wrote all of my I Want One blog posts a week ago and they are on autopilot through the middle of the month (I love how productive it is to post this way!!).

In order to be ready for the training, I had to cram a ton of audio CD listening into a super-short amount of time as a course prerequisite. So even though I wrote that I wanted this spiffy Sony MP3 player a week ago, I had my fingers crossed that by the time you read this, it’s not something I wanted anymore - hopefull it’s something I have!

Sony Walkman MP3 Player - NW-E005GREEN


To Relax by the Warm Candlelight October 5, 2006

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Om Projection Candle Holders

Although I wish I did yoga a lot more, I can say for certain that I thoroughly enjoy yoga-inspired artwork, clothing and music on a regular basis. This OM Candle Holder certainly inspires me to feel relaxed, centered, and serene!

I don’t think it’s quite what the ancient yogis had in mind…