Work Life Balance - An Exhaustive Post!

Home Based Business and Kids

I’ve saved the best for last with some really great post submissions on working at home with kids (and a couple I threw in because they were just darn good posts).

Aurelia is back with a vengance with two more wonderful posts:

Mom, Do you Want More Time?

Keeping Your Children Busy when Working at Home (I had better go through this one again… !!)

Rebecca lives a dreamy life as Craftworker living in rural Ireland *sigh*.

Yet even she finds it sometimes difficult to get everything done and chats about it on her blog in Full Time Mom = Craftwork Not in Progress. *snicker*

You probably already know about Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger.

If you follow his work, you know he has a brand new baby to play with - and blog about in one of my favorite posts he has ever written: Why Having a Blog is Like Having a Baby.

I finally wrap up with another popular article from Dane Carlson from the (also popular!) Business Opportunities Weblog.

Great guy, great blog, great article :: 6 Tips for Working at Home With Children (don’t know how he gets away with #6 though!!).

Ah - I can breathe at last.

It feels great to finish this post :: I feel so… hmmmm… balanced!! ;)

Thanks to everyone who shared wisdom on this great subject!!

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