Work Life Balance - An Exhaustive Post!

Welcome to the September Edition of the Carnival of Home Business! The theme of the month is Work Life Balance - and I have SO many good submissions that for the first time I had to figure out how to create a multi-page post in Wordpress!!

(Though some of my readers will likely point out I should have figured this out long ago - ‘Doh!!)

In all there are a whopping 21 posts in this edition, and I have broken them down into four subject categories:

Page 2 is all about Success Strategies and the Right Attitude

Page 3 gets you goin’ with Work Life Balance Tips and Productivity

Page 4 rides the roller coaster with Goals and Pitfalls

Page 5 is on Home Based Business and Kids - way more entertaining than changing poopy a diaper

And for my regular readers, this will replace my usual MVP (Most Valuable Post) of the week post, simply because these are darn valuable posts!!

Sad that you missed the chance to submit an article to this edition of the Carnival of Home Business? Then be sure to jump on the bandwagon the next time around as we feature the theme “Pricing Strategy and Getting Paid”, which will be hosted at
Onto the festivities!! …

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