Work Life Balance - An Exhaustive Post!

Work Life Balance Tips and Productivity

Our very own Carnival Founder Pascal Belloncle blogs at Start a Side Business (great resources to get your feet wet if you are still in the rat race world, longing to join us on the homefront!!)

Pascale outlines a few principles and puts together a very great article on overcoming challenges in How to Work from Home and Keep a Balanced Life.

Suzanne Falter-Barns writes the Get Known Now Blog - Insider strategies that make you a household name (ok, I’m subscribing this very second before I continue to write!!).

If your To-Do lists are turning into Haven’t-Done lists, check out her post on Are you in To-Do List Bog Down?

Kelly Saunders is a Thrifty Mommy. She’s frugal with time and money - and shares her words of wisdom with all of us.

Kelly shares her time-saving tip about the Downy Wrinkle Releaser - which enables her to have more time for life!

Matt Inglot blogs on entreprenurialism, working at home and success thinking at

In one of my favorite carnival submissions, Matt puts together a great list post on How to Successfully Get Work Done in a Home Based Business.

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal weighs in on the subject (OK, Pascale and I threw this one in for good measure!!) with a great article by Erin White called Strategies for Balancing Home Issues with Work.

Next Up :: Goals and Pitfalls

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    […] The theme of this new carnival is “balancing home business and home life” and Wendy has done an outstanding job at categorizing and outlining the very best submissions in a muti-page post: Work life balance, an exhaustive Post. […]