Kristie Tamsevicius, You’ve Been BlogTipped!

Yay! It’s BlogTipping Day! I [Heart] BlogTipping!! :)

First victim.. I mean, lucky lady, is Kristie Tamsevicius who writes at Home-Biz-A-Pa-Looza. Since I’m all about the inspiration behind starting up a home based business, I needed to start including some nuts and bolts details on the hows, whats, wheres, whens… you get the picture. Kristie has been working at home and doing it well for a very long time. Her blog is chock FULL of really great home based business know-how.

One of the things I LOVE about her blog is that she frequently talks about the law of attraction. I’m a big fan of the movie The Secret, and so is Kristie. Creating your own business relies heavily on the premise “what you think is what you get”. I love that Kristie incorporates the material into her content.

I Love My Life ToolKit!
Kristie is also a bit talented in the PR realm - and has appeared on quite a few talk shows in her career. So I definitely perk up my ears and listen when Kristie talks PR and Publicity.

I was feeling the need to write a how-to book on home based business startups - until I saw Kristie’s book on the subject, and realized she did a far better job than I would have. It’s called the I Love My Life ToolKit! - and I’m including a link here for your purchasing convenience and downloading pleasure (a mere $15 get’s you loads of stuff!!) :) –>

And my Tip for Kristie is that I dug around a bit, but didn’t see a lot on the woman behind the grand show. Do you have a page with your own story of success - something that let’s people know more about who you are and can find some common interests? If so, make it more easy to find - and if not, dish it up, woman!

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One Comment on “Kristie Tamsevicius, You’ve Been BlogTipped!”

  1. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    1 down, 2 left to read … great job blogtipping, Wendy! Excited to check out Kristie’s blog.