Ben Yoskovitz, You’ve Been BlogTipped!

My friend Ben is a passionate blogger who is really active in the blogging community. This shows up in his work - and I have really enjoyed getting to know him over the last few weeks!

Ben also has it goin’ on when it comes to creating the viral experience. Check out his Where is Basil Blog for some sheer brilliance and viral marketing in action. Did I mention brilliance???

I love that you take the time to feature the participating bloggers in the Where is Basil experience. I only normally get to interact with these people via email and their writings. But I am such a visual person, and I feel like I am getting to know these bloggers on a whole new level thanks to your project. Very nice touch.

I also want to congratulate Ben on launching his new InstigatorBlog (very aptly named, Ben!!!). He’s taking a new twist on his writings to focus on Entreprenurialism, business, and some of his “projects” (I can only wonder…!!). A post on small business hiring is right on the money Ben - great post.

My Tip for Ben… I guess would have to be that I can say from past experience that people get easily confused - and if they don’t get something right away, they won’t take the time to understand. So my invitation to you, if you will, is to come up with an explanation of the Where is Basil project in one sentence.  HA! Better you than me, my friend.. ;)

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5 Comments on “Ben Yoskovitz, You’ve Been BlogTipped!”

  1. Ben Yoskovitz Says:

    Wendy — thanks so much for blogtipping me, it’s a wonderful experience.

    Your “tip” is right on the money. I need to find a way of explaining Where Is Basil? in one sentence. Let me mull that over this weekend, we’ll see what I can come up with!

    How long can the sentence be? *smile*

  2. eMom Says:

    LOL, Ben! Now, no cheating!! ;)

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    […] Anyway, Wendy blogtipped me with a ferociously wonderful post about Where Is Basil and my latest blog Instigator Blog. […]

  4. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Ben is singlehandedly responsible for me spending six hours of my life laughing it up to Basil Fawlty. I love that show! Didn’t really know about it before. Thanks, Ben!

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    […] PS. Wendy has put Ben on the spot to create a 30 second elevator speech (one sentence actually) to descibe Basil’s mission and Ben’s role in this adventure. I tried Ben - it’s way beyond a sentence BUT if you read it out loud really really really fast these 5 or 6 sentences might get it down to 45 seconds! […]