Elana Centor, You’ve Been BlogTipped!

Elana! It’s been a while since we connected, and I don’t know if you know this or not, but you were my FIRST inbound link. :)

My blog is doing really well these days, and you know what? I can give you a little credit for that. You see, I didn’t realize the power of the conversation in blogging until we had our little exchange about Mastermind Groups. And I will seriously never forget the thrill of looking at my referrer logs and for the first time EVER, seeing an actual URL! For this, I thank you!

One of the things I love about your blog is that you really tell it like it is. In fact, your invitation to Douglas Steenland, CEO of Northwest Airlines, to go dumpster diving is downright hilarious - but at the same time, you deliver it with an edge. You GO girl!!

I also admire your ability to write so thoroughly on stuff that just isn’t common knowledge. Either you spend ALL day researching this stuff, or you have some dang good Fortune 500 business contacts! Check out this scoop Elana unearthed from the FunnyBusiness Blog intro page:

Take the vice president who invited her team for a holiday dinner even though her boss had sent a memo saying all holiday parties were canceled as part of the company’s aggressive cost-cutting measures. (The company had just announced 6,000 layoffs.) How did she pull off her holiday party? She had her administrative assistant charge the dinner and then she, the VP approved the charge. And where did she learn such devious behavior? From her boss of course, who had the VP charge their holiday get-together the week earlier.

And to keep with the BlogTipping format, I must also offer you a ‘tip’. Your posts show up beautifully on the BlogHer blogs, but on your Typepad blog, the images seem to get jumbled. It might just be a browser issue - if you don’t see the same thing on your end, let me know and I’ll email you a screenshot. :)

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3 Comments on “Elana Centor, You’ve Been BlogTipped!”

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  2. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Read two of three. Very nice links and fun to read!

  3. Elana Centor Says:

    The tip is very much appreciated! Please send me a screen shot and I will try to figure out what’s going on.

    While I do have contacts in corporate America, I also spend a lot of time researching stuff.

    Almost every day I hear of a great story but not everyone is willing to let me tell it even when I agree to keep them anonymous. So if you hear a good story, remember me and ask if they would be willing to share their story.

    Thanks again for the blog tip.