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I spent all day today (yes, it’s Sunday and I am a total geek) building and customizing a separate blog to host and track the BlogJolt group activity. Whew! You can look upon my wonderful creation here. I decided I didn’t want to clutter up the topics of this blog with BlogJolt tracking, so I built a separate home for our endeavors.

I’ve invited 40 new members to join, by painstakingly going through the blogrolls over at BlogHer. I tried finding really well written interesting blogs on a wide variety of topics.

By the way… I was surprised at how many UNdescriptive blog titles there are out there - when I am looking at a list of well over 300 blogs, I certainly needed a little help picking out which ones to read - so it’s a good lesson to all to use a good, descriptive title for your blogs, ladies! ;)

Anyway, I believe my invitations are either really poorly timed, or perhaps brilliantly timed - only time will tell (oh god, sorry, that was unintended and a really bad pun!!). Anyway, there are many, many wonderful bloggers on their way home from BlogHer ‘06, and I haven’t heard back from a lot of people yet. So either they are too busy and my invitations will fall through the cracks, or they will be so pumped up that they will invite all of THEIR talented and verbose blogging friends… I’m affirming the latter ;) .

I have a feeling we will hit 25 members by this Thursday, which will henceforth be BlogJolt day, so I am asking for a volunteer. Usually, I will be picking the Target Blog by the critieria outlined here, but this time may be a bit of a risk - it could be a flying success, or it could be a dud, depending on how the group takes to the BlogJolt process.

So if you are interested in taking a gamble to be our first BlogJolt recipient, please email me.

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