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As I wrote earlier this week, I am going way outside of my comfort zone to reach out to other mom bloggers to build the BlogJolt Group. I am searching high and low and hand picking great blogs and inviting the authors to join. I’ve already recieved a great and encouraging response, so it’s getting easier and easier to send emails to people I have never met. So what’s to rant about?

I am uncovering some REALLY great blogs - with NO WAY to contact these bloggers on their sites! No email, no contact page, no nothin’. Even blogging guru ProBlogger has ranted about this one recently, and I must wholeheartedly agree with him.

I know this BlogJolt Group will be big, and will offer tons of networking and value to all of our members. And there are moms missing out because I simply can’t find a way to invite them.

So take this as a lesson learned - even if you don’t put an email address on your site, put up at the bare minimum a contact form. What if I were NBC wanting to interview you? What if I were Oprah wanting to invite you onto my show? What if I was Publisher’s Clearinghouse… ok, bad analogy ;) .

Make it easy for me to get in touch with you - that is what blogging is about - connecting.

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One Comment on “Connecting via Blogging”

  1. Kuanyin Says:

    Aloha! We met initially through Linked In, but I have nine blogs, so you may not recognize me! What I did to resolve the problem of being spammed is to get a gmail account…that’s google for those that don’t know. It has great spam protection, and lot of other neat features…of all the different email systems I employ, I think it’s the best. I use it on most of my blogs, and I haven’t had any problems with stalkers or spammers yet. Often I want to leave a comment on someone’s blog, but I can’t because there is no way…for example Word Press.

    Blessings…I joined your new Yahoo Group. *Kuanyin*