The eMoms BlogJolt! Jolting the Traffic for Women Bloggers Everywhere!


To keep in line with my motto of adding value, eMoms at Home has established a new community to help build up traffic and visibility for women bloggers everywhere!

Join the eMoms BlogJolt Group!The eMoms Blog Jolt Yahoo! Group hosts weekly “Jolts” in which the group members feature a chosen member blog to flood with traffic and inbound links.

You must own a blog, or be interested in starting a blog to join the group. In order to maximize the SEO impact of this BlogJolt Group, members must either be a mom, or have a blog that would generally be of interest to moms. Membership is open and automatic, but new member posts are moderated.

We also offer weekly discussion topics to help members get as much value out of participation as possible. Topics include blogging for money, tech tips, business ideas, online marketing, and work life balance.

Join the eMoms Blog Jolt Group on Yahoo! Groups today!