Strategic Business Decisions and Changes

Well, I must say I am a bit surprised at the success of this little work at home moms blog. I’m not doing anything to promote it (though I did get a little blog boost today! Thanks guys!!), and the site is getting as much, if not more traffic than eSelfHelp.

So I had a really great conversation today with my friend and fellow entrepreneur Todd Smart of BeTuitive Marketing, and we threw some ideas around for this little business I have going here. I was wondering… should I go with what’s working and pursue eMoms more aggresively? Or should I go with my passion and continue to devote my resources to eSelfHelp?

But then we both kind of came up with a better question at the same time ::

What if I were to MERGE the two company visions together into one more seamless entity? What could I accomplish by converging my passion for self help and targeting it more specifically at stay at home moms?

I thus far have kept this blog more business oriented, and kept my eSelfHelp blog on the more personal side. But to be frank, if I didn’t have my act together personally, I would NEVER be able to pull off working from home professionally. And since it was personal problems that really kept my first two home businesses from succeeding, I have a hunch that there are a few other moms out there with the same frustrations.

So I have come to a huge ‘fork in the road’ so to speak. My business plan thus far will have to be substantially reworked, and that’s ok. I don’t like excluding people who don’t work at home, (or work for themselves), yet this is what I have done for half of my career - I know what I am doing in this space…

I guess I am saying I have almost made my decision, I just need some time to readjust to this new direction and take some time to let my mind “stew” on this convergence of opportunities…

If you are a regular reader (or even just here for the first time!) I would really LOVE your feedback on this issue. Do you want to hear about internet marketing and work and kids? Or do you also want to know about what it takes to keep yourself motivated day after day when there is no boss to hold you accountable? And what to do to if you start getting really depressed because you are stuck in a basement office with no light and you can’t get out because you don’t have a sitter for days on end?

Your input is requested, as I want to ensure the material I am putting out is still relevant to you and adding value - my ultimate goal. Please comment, comment, comment! :)

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4 Comments on “Strategic Business Decisions and Changes”

  1. Ariane Benefit from NeatLiving.Net Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your personal dilemma with the direction of your business. I work from home and have several service/business lines myself - I’m a professional organizer, a writer, an education & training consultant, and I design websites for small businesses and help them with their internet marketing. When you have much to share and many interests as you obviously do, it’s not easy to draw boundaries and yet we are continuously told that to market ourselves well we have to have a niche audience. I struggle with this myself, because I want to help as many people as I can.

    But to answer your question, I wasnt to hear about all of those things! Marketing, work, kids, and staying motivated! Even though I don’t have kids myself, I love kids. Most of my friends and clients have kids, and I have a special interest in helping Moms by helping them get organized and stress less so they have more time to have fun with their kids. So I do like to stay in tune with the issues moms working at home face.

    I also work from home now for the web and writing parts of my business. Before becoming a professional organizer, I worked from home for 15 years and I know how brutal it can get if you don’t get out of the house. I love now getting the chance to get out several days a week.

    Anyway, bottom line - my vote is - Write about it all! The wholistic experience of being a mom and working from home and how you developed your skills and overcame personal obstacles to do it is inspirational and worth writing about!

  2. Says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I have been thoroughly enjoying watching you grow both sites. It’s not every day you get to watch the day to day progress of one start up, not to mention two.

    I am learning a great deal and you are helping a lot of people. What you have created in this short amount of time is remarkable.

    But what I know is that you are gifted and talented and whatever you do, however you do it, the result will be amazing.

    Live Your Dreams,


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