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It seems a little self-indulgent to continue to blog on blogging - but I guess it’s still a bit of a new phenomena - and since I uncovered some more great resources today, it seems silly not to share!

I have just joined a Yahoo Group called LinkedIn Bloggers. You must have a LinkedIn account (free) to join - which I also highly recommend if you are going to do any networking online - here’s my shortened public profile as an example.

The LinkedIn Bloggers Group is intriguing in that they offer members a weekly Blog Boost. Every Wednesday, the group members visit, comment, and trackback to one chosen blog. The traffic and links of course, boost the blog of the week, hence the name. Although everyone wants to get their blog “boosted” I’m thinking it’s the perfect excuse for me to get out there and have a reason to read and post/comment on others’ blogs (you have to participate in order to be eligible for the Boost day).

In doing my due diligence, I tooled around at Luis Suarez’ “elsua - A KM Blog” (KM=Knowledge Management), and found some commonality in his and my passion for Social Networking. But it was his Productivity Tools section that had the most immediate value for me today. Specifically, he steered me to WhoLinked, which is a super-cool little widget that I just added to my sidebar underneath my Archives.

And I can tell you that in this very moment that Luis is on a tiny island off of the coast of Spain. I’m not sure if he lives there, vacations there, or is just plain $%&* lucky to be there, but I know because he blogged about using Plazes. And he has this cool little link on his blog that let’s us know where he is on this planet at all times (as long as he is using his computer, that is). Wow. Cool. Scary. But still Cool.

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    On June 28th, 2006 at 4:55 pm, Luis Suarez said:

    Hi Wendy ! Great post ! Thanks a lot for chiming in and for participating on the blog boost. I see that indeed you have already tried out the widget and I am not sure about yourself but I am finding it really useful specially in cases like this where I am new to your blog and I can already see who else is linking to yours in such a way that I am able to make a connection much much easier ! Very nice! Thanks for blogging about it and for helping spread the word.

    Regarding your last paragraph, yes, for the last couple of years I am living (and working remotely) in one of the Canary Islands and enjoying it every minute. I used to come over here on holidays and I like it just so much that I couldn’t resist coming to live and work over here. If you would want to see the main reason why take a look into my Flickr account for some pictures of the place I live in. is a superb widget that actually lets your colleagues, friends, family, whatever, know where you are, specially if you get to travel a lot commuting all over the place. That way, they know wherever you may be at a certain point in time, obviously as long as you take your notebook with you and have a live Internet connection. I have used it in the past and it is really good in doing what it promises: getting people together providing web presence. Highly recommended if you plan to travel a lot.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and for the boost!

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