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Love the Yahoo news headlines… found one today about a 19 year old college freshman who is running his own multimillion dollar business between classes. Unfortunately, the link is now dead… if I find it again I’ll add it.

Another one - was started by this kid named Emerson when he was 14 or so. Now the success of the Harry Potter series made a big “difference” in his revenue model, but the kid is now in college, making over 6 figures from the site, and even received a personal invitation from JK Rowling to interview her when the last book came out. [Sorry, there’s no permalinks on the Mugglenet Blog, you’ll have to scroll 2/3 down to “A call from… Jo Rowling (!!!)”]

Another one you may or may not have heard of, the 21 year old college student who wanted to make a million dollars to fund his education. He targeted a million dollars thinking he would hopefully net a small percentage of that - by selling pixels on his “Million Dollar Home Page” until he got so much PR that his page pretty much ’sold out’ and he made his millions (and probably more with the added attention he got)

So these things all beg me to ask the most simple of questions, “If these kids can pull off these huge successes with their level of experience, can someone else do at LEAST this well, if not better, with MORE experience?” Actually, does experience even make a difference, when these kids DIDN’T have it, and they made it anyway? They just had an idea, and a plan - with probably a good amount of determination. I think any eMom at Home can come up with THAT!


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