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Posted June 9th, 2006 by Wendy Piersall

I’m going to be winding up my eSelfHelp content development shortly to focus on finessing my business plan and to really get knee-deep into the online marketing I need to do in order to increase the site traffic.

I’m always amazed that I can still find brand new ideas out there that I think are so worthy of pursuing… like some of the ones mentioned at J.D.Amer’s blog. I didn’t even know about Cool Site of the Day, which is like one of my old favorite sites, the long-defunct eTour. He’s got some other well-known online marketing resources as well - a good starter list.

My first task will be to launch my article marketing efforts. Very important to do everything possible to increase my natural search engine rankings as early on as possible…

Next, I will be doing a lot more crawling of the other blogs out there to build better relationships within the blogging community. Although this may not bring in traffic or sales in the initial stages, it again lays a strong foundation for future success. This post on gives 12 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog, and besides the absolute basics of blog creation, the remaining items on his list revolve around social networking with other blogs.

After my grassroots efforts are underway and my biz plan is completed, I am off to finally start paying for keywords and implementing a Search Engine Marketing strategy. Currently, I’m completely clueless in this area (ok, clueless for an online marketer, not for a normal person!!), but my friend Matt Spiegel has offered to lend a bit of his expertise.

I’ll even post results as they happen to help you to know what is and isn’t working. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my Alexa Rank wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the blogs I maintain - so if you are starting a site, this should really be step ONE.

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