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Monday Motivation :: A Serious Kick in the Pants


Monday Motivation*Sigh* I have just spent three of the most unproductive days of my life as I blew off everything (including bathing) to wait in line, buy and read the last Harry Potter book. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you. But I’m having a bit of a hard time coming back out of the wizarding world and into real life again. So I need a real kick in the rear today to come back to reality. ;)

So what the heck is Monday Motivation?

Step 1 - let us know what you are going to get done today (your to-do list, so to speak).

Step 2 - put it in a comment below or a post on your own site.

Step 3 - let us know what will motivate you to get it done - a reward, consequences, or whatever you need to think that will ensure you do what you say you are going to do.

Today before I go to sleep I will:

  1. Clean out my new Thunderbird inbox of 168 emails
  2. Make new author decisions and send out appropriate emails
  3. Update sidebar
  4. Add blogroll
  5. Get two affiliate campaigns up

If I don’t complete these tasks by the time I said I would I will go without coffee for a week (which absolutely sucked when I went without it two weeks ago!!!).

So what are you going to do today?

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    On July 23rd, 2007 at 11:39 pm, Char said:

    I’m so glad you like Thunderbird. I have yet to have any issues with it.

    My son got the Harry Potter book yesterday and was up past midnight reading it. How do you like it so far? Or did you finish it?

    On July 23rd, 2007 at 11:49 pm, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein said:

    I’m going to work on my book outline ALL DAY today, so I have a complete 8 page (one overview, and 7 chapters) mind-map of everything in my brain, before I go to sleep tonight.

    If I get that done I am going to buy myself a new pair of shoes. :)

    Oh, and I did the same thing, dropped everything to read Harry Potter 7 this weekend. (it was great!) But, I think it is good to spend a day or two not working at all. As internet entrepreneurs, we can blur the line between home and work too much, and end up working all the time.


    On July 24th, 2007 at 12:38 am, roxy said:

    Since I’m embarrassed to admit on my blog that I have YET to log off the net, I’ll post mine here.

    If I don’t:
    -finish logo comps for new client
    -put away all clean laundry in the 1,000 baskets all over house

    -avoid sweets of any kind for a week.

    I’ve never tried motivational tactics like this- great idea. I love the idea of having the whole blogosphere as witness:)

    On July 24th, 2007 at 2:31 am, Jan said:

    Hi Wendy,

    What I do today is following up on what I did yesterday. Having prepared my very extensive blog carnival did I finally post it yesterday evening.

    Actually should it have gone up today, but I forgot to change the date when trying to get WP to post it today at noon so it went live yesterday at noon instead DOH!

    Well, since it was then up and I could do little about it did I decide to spend the evening today on inviting people I know and appreciate to it. Consider this your invitation if you will :-)

    Basically I am following up on previous conversations or using this as an opportunity to email bloggers I enjoy reading and telling them why while also mentioning the Carnival of Circular Communication.

    That way do I think everyone has something from it. I get the word out and they get some positive feedback to what they are doing. No strings attached. Since the Carnival is of the everyone wins type do I not think anyone will mind me mailing them either.

    Should you or anyone here be interested is my name the link to the page explaining everything you need to know to take part. Since the first theme is Blogging should it be relevant to pretty much everyone here :-)

    On July 24th, 2007 at 3:35 am, Mama Duck said:

    Ha, here is another one who spent way too much time reading HP this weekend and not enough doing work ;).

    On July 24th, 2007 at 5:30 am, Suzie Cheel said:

    Today , after a couple of unproductive days
    Before I go to yoga tonight,
    1. I will get my abundance tools/ resources page up on my blog.
    2. I will write 2 blog posts before I open my email again- I was up early this morning learning how to use second life for blog her
    3 I will organize google reader so I increase my productivity
    4. I will work out what I am going to send to Wendy to be considered for a guest blog slot- a goal i set myself when I started 10 days to a better blog.

    On July 24th, 2007 at 8:06 am, cooliojones said:

    I’m always late on these posts! Guess because I was working working working throughout the day.

    Well I changed the look of my site, and it took up the whole day! So I didn’t really have a list of things to do. Tomorrow I want to:

    1. Take a router back to T-Mobile.
    2. Wash my car. Well, get it washed. :)
    3. Make a new blog post!
    4. Secure a new domain name.
    5. Get a list of church e-mail addresses.
    6. Make a list of all blog promotions and contests.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

    On July 25th, 2007 at 11:14 am, JoLynn Braley said:

    I just have to say that the book must have been pretty important for you to go without bathing for 3 days….in the summer! :D (LOL!) I doubt you’re alone in that though, the books are so popular.

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