MVPs for Friday January 19th

Posted January 19th, 2007 by Wendy Piersall

It’s been WAY too long since I honored the Most Valuable Posts of the week - and today, you will wait no longer for this wonderful roundup of value from the blogosphere!

This gem may be old news for you, but if you haven’t read Tony Hung’s ProBlogger post How to Market Your Blog in 2007, it is absolutely a must read. And judging by the 172 comments to date, I’m not the only one to have been wowed by the newest contributor to Darren’s amazing blog.

WebWorkerDaily has a good post on How to Manage Kids in the Home Office (via). There’s even a few good ideas for an old-timer like me in there - nicely written!

And you may love him or hate him, but Steve Pavlina is really right on with this post on The Dark Side of Financial Abundance - these are things I have consciously worked on myself over the years, and I know first-hand that they can definitely work against your efforts towards wealth and abundance. It’s a fantastic post.

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