Kiddley, Dooce & Pronet :: You’ve Been BlogTipped!

Ah - the joys of BlogTipping. So many great blogs… so little time!

The BlogTipping tradition? Pick three blogs. Say three great things. Offer one tip. I’m taking a more minimalistic approach this time, simply because life in eMoms-land is awfully busy these days!


  1. They have great content - really fun projects that I would *want* to do with my kids - nice!
  2. The site is one of the prettiest blogs I have seen (and I am a sucker for pretty!). Your site would be pretty too if your Chief Editor was a phenomenal illustrator too!
  3. For a ‘commercial’ blog, you have done a great job of keeping the layout clean and easy to read - I’m impressed.

Tip :: I’d love to see more projects for older kids - my daughter is turning 12 this week and still loves to craft. It’s getting harder to find things she would be interested in doing. Help!


  1. Heather, I LOVE your work. I don’t know HOW you take so much crap from your readers and turn it into the most delightfully hysterical stuff I have ever read.
  2. Your photographs are phenomenal - and so crisp and sharp. Even at high res I can’t get my camera to take such great pictures. Must be the photographer… :)
  3. You’ve done such a great job monetizing your blog - I know my readers would love to pick your brain on the subject. If you ever decide to write a post about it please let me know!! (We would settle comment though… just askin’ ;) )

Tip :: Keep your heart in the right place woman, and remember Psychology 101. Your not-so-favorite readers are doing what’s called Projection. It’s “a defense mechanism in which the individual attributes to other people impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept. It is especially likely to occur when the person lacks insight into his own impulses and traits.” Thanks to for the definition. (So, yes, the religious fanatics are basically jealous that John gets to touch your breasts. Go figure!)

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  1. I think I picked all three blogs this month based on what great designs they have - your blog has a unique template that I love. Nicely done!!!
  2. You offer great tangible blogging info and I really respect you for that - and you are definitely my goto source for understanding Digg.
  3. I didn’t realize you had such a big section on Analytics. I’m usually a big picture thinker, but I LOVE web analytics. I’ll be spending more time there to read what you have to say on the subject.

Tip :: I am a scanner and scan fast to determine whether I want to stick around and read more. Although I love the layout of your home page, I would invite you to consider having more than 4 story headlines for new readers to review. I have been a reader for a while, so I know to dig around and find good posts. Newbies to your site might not give you the benefit of the doubt (or might, as you DO have an impressive Alexa going on!!)

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2 Comments on “Kiddley, Dooce & Pronet :: You’ve Been BlogTipped!”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    THanks for the new reads. I mean the other two, anyway ;)

  2. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Nice job this month, Wendy - it shows your eclectic, yet focused reading taste. I appreciate you taking the time to go secretly out in the night with the rest of us blogtippers, silently tipping over good bloggers as they peacefully slumber - what a rush!

    You deserve a link!