Blogging eCourse Fixed!

I started getting dismayed emails from you asking if the eCourse is over. It is ONGOING and I have fixed the “problem” - my “free trial” expired when I was knee deep in my NLP course!

Whoa - my bad everyone! I have handed over my cash and set my account to “auto renew” - so from now on, all emails in the eCourse will go out on time and without interruption.
My apologies to all of you - and please come back to sign up for the free 10 Days to a Better Blog eCourse now! :)

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One Comment on “Blogging eCourse Fixed!”

  1. katiebird Says:

    Are you collecting testimonials?

    It’s a wonderful course. I feel a strong sense of renewal since starting it.

    Your lessons are right-on and take just the amount of time.

    I know that if you look back at my posts (and interactions at other blogs) you can see the differences. I feel like my brain is bubbling with energy and enthusiasm.

    Thank you so much!