eMoms Comparison Guide to Blogging Platforms and Hosting Companies

As many of you know, this blog is powered by Wordpress - I migrated my blog from NucleusCMS back in June (’twas no fun!). I [heart] Wordpress, by the way, and I really can’t imagine blogging with any other platform. It’s world-class, and it’s free!!

Comparison Guide to Blogging Platforms and Hosting Companies

I know my blogging needs are not the same as everyone else’s on the planet. I have had to do a lot of research since the beginning of my blogging days, and even more recently as I begin laying the groundwork for a few other blogs I will be launching (Oooo… she just dropped the hint!! Yes, more on this to come!!)

Though I am sticking with Wordpress, I don’t like messing with the server installation. Thankfully, many hosting companies are now pre-installing the database and Wordpress software so all I have to do is click a few buttons and I have my WP ready to roll.

I have collected this info over the months, knowing full well some of you would probably need it yourselves as you start or add to your own blogging efforts. So I [very!] painstakingly have put together a rather large table to compare the following blogging platforms. (It will open up in a new window and I broke it down into sections to keep it easy to read).

My focus in the table is on business blogs, or blogs that need customization and will likely carry advertising. Platforms included are:

  • Wordpress.org
  • Movable Type
  • TypePad
  • Wordpress.com
  • Blogger
  • Expression Engine
  • Squarespace

I’ve also dug around to find a few hosting companies to recommend - I’ve tried all of them but one (and hope to give that one a whirl sometime soon). They all have the blogging software and database pre-installed. If you are up for your own server setup for Wordpress or Movable Type, your hosting options open up - just check the fine print for server specs before you start.

Features on the comparison chart include:

  • Hosting company support, if applicable
  • Costs
  • User help features
  • Ability to add/customize advertising
  • Statistics
  • Various sidebar features
  • Domain mapping (use your own domain name)
  • Static page creation

Please drop me a line or a comment and let me know if it helps, or if you would like to see another feature/platform added for your comparison needs. I’ll be happy to add more info as needed.

This project has taken a while to finally get published - I am SO dang relieved to have it done! Phew! Happy Blogging Everyone!!

Comparison Guide to Blogging Platforms and Hosting Companies Table

The recommendations, if you want to hear them:

If you are just starting out and have no site already, just buy a hosting plan with GoDaddy. They have super-simple Wordpress set up, free podcasting tools, their interface is super user-friendly, and they are also super-competitively priced. Plus they will give you a great site hosting package with a ton of free tools. (I use them and love them!)

If you already have a site and don’t want to mess with the database set up (or switching hosting companies), use TypePad - they can even make the blog appear as though it sits on your domain name (very, very important for a professional appearance!). (I don’t use them, but know enough about them to recommend them highly - if Wordpress wasn’t around, I would go to TypePad in a heartbeat!)

GoDaddy.com Hosting & Servers


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24 Comments on “eMoms Comparison Guide to Blogging Platforms and Hosting Companies”

  1. katiebird Says:

    Wendy, this is exactly what I needed a month ago when I suddenly had to switch my blog. I know this is a resource that will be used again and again. Your layout and design is terrific — it’s totally understandable.

    I don’t suppose you have any experience with Windows hosts? I have some sites that use ASP that need a new host also…..

    (Gimme, Gimme,Gimme)

    Cough, I mean — Thank you!

  2. eMom Says:

    Hey there, my wonderfully consistent commenter! :)

    My favorite of all the hosting companies is either GoDaddy or Blue Host. I have more experience with GoDaddy - they are just super-easy to use, yet really have some powerful capabilities. Both have Windows hosting - use my affiliate links to the right or in the table!! (hint hint) *She coughs too* ;)

    Throat cleared - you’re welcome!!

  3. katiebird Says:

    Seriously — thanks! Go-Daddy looks especially good. Maybe I can make my move tonight?

  4. katiebird Says:

    Oh, and I’ll definitely use your link!

  5. eMom Says:

    I will be up late tonight on a deadline. Email me up until 2:00am or so if you need any help! :)

  6. katiebird Says:

    {{Wendy}} That is very generous of you! I don’t think I’ll have any trouble (famous last words..)

    Actually, my plan is to first use a domain I can use as a test site and stage each of my domains there first before I move them into their new digs. A couple of them actually get significant traffic so I want to go through the process on a nothing site first to work out the details.

    Then just take it one site at a time, moving from the least trafficed to the most. I think it’s 5 all together. But, I don’t think I’ll be doing the REAL work until this weekend.

    I’m very excited to see that they have .NET 2.0 — I’ve got big plans!

  7. katiebird Says:

    And in my excitement, I totally forgot to thank you for your generosity. You’re the best and I’m so thankful to be a witness and (small) part of it!

  8. eMom Says:

    Katiebird, readers like you make my day (month… year.. !!) - I should be thanking YOU for your enthusiasm and participation - which I am right now!! :)

  9. katiebird Says:

    {{{Group Hug}}} and a mutual admiration society — Hey, that’s BlogJolt, isn’t it?

  10. Janette Says:

    Very nice chart and well timed.


  11. Jason Clegg Says:

    What a great resource! You never cease to amaze me. Good luck with your deadline. :)

  12. Holly Schwendiman Says:

    My dh used to work at GoDaddy. ;o) It is a good one. I think it’s great of you to put something like this together. My hubby is my resource, but not everyone is so blessed so this is great!


  13. TechZ Says:

    I’d avoid godaddy for DB based sites, alot of bad reviews and complaints from users. Dreamhost seems very popular. I use a simple host by the name of in2hosting.org. $2.95/mo and I get what I need from them plus prompt support.

    Also checkout daria.be for free WP hosted blogs :)

    WordPress.com is probably going to start Domain Mapping soon, so that’s going to be a boon for all WP.com account holders.

  14. eMom Says:

    Actually, TechZ, I have had way more problems with Yahoo Hosting on the DB subject than with GoDaddy. I haven’t had a GoDaddy problem yet - but Yahoo told me my blog was gone and could only be recovered from a backup when all I had to do was remove via FTP a new rogue plugin.

    That’s exciting news on WP domain mapping. I’ll keep my eye on that one.

  15. eMom Says:

    Thanks also to Jason and Holly for your encouragement.

    Welcome Janette - I’m always happy to see a new commenter around here! If you have questions on blog setup feel free to drop me a line. I tend to answer questions in my posts from time to time so that everyone can benefit from the answer.

  16. Karen Says:

    This is really handy. I’m still a blogging newbies and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have things broken down. I’m a blogger girl ATM but have only heard disparaging stuff about it so am considering changing. But that will bring its own challenges *gulp*

    anyway, thanks

  17. Timika Says:

    You forgot about textpattern I actually prefer it over wordpress.I convinced my brother to use textpattern and he loves it.

  18. Doug Karr Says:

    Fantastic job. I’d like to see some links on the plugins :) . Your readers may be interested in the Guide that I wrote for Blogging E-Metrics:

    Blogging E-metrics

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  24. tbirdonawire Says:

    I got this link through the 10 days to a Better Blog free ecourse. I moved from Wordpress.com to Wordpress on BlueHost and really like it so far. I have a technical background but am wanting to branch out more in design and open up some new avenues for myself. Right now my blog is personal in nature, but I’m hoping to create new areas to eventually market some things I’m working on.

    This site has been really helpful. Thanks!