MVPs for Friday September 8th

Ah yes, the Most Valuable Posts of the week! It’s always an honor to recognize my fellow bloggers for adding value to the blogosphere!

If you read my recent article on Top 10 Lessons Learned on Traffic, Monetization and Life, then you might have chuckled a bit about my lesson learned on watching how much time we spend checking web stats. Jason Clegg over at Mindful Entrepreneur just launched his free email program, “Overcome Web Stats Addiction in 7 Steps” (that’s 5 less than a normal 12 step program! He must be good!! ;) )

Chuck Huckaby at Work at Home Business Opportunities has a quick read on publishing maven Paulette Ensign, author of 110 Ideas For Organizing Your Business Life. He also hinted privately they might be doing a podcast interview with Paulette soon - hint hint.

And finally, several people took me up on my suggestion to write a post dedicated to the supportive spouses in their lives. I read each and every one - got a little teary eyed - and am more than pleased to share them with you!

  • Tony Clark flips it around for us eMoms and gives kudos to his wife (on her birthday no less!!) - and at the same time, adds some pratical tips on garnering spousal support when you want to head out onto the Entreprenurial Highway.
  • And Holly Schwendiman participated without trying by posting on the topic a few hours before I did. (I think she has my laptop bugged… !)

By the way, if you wrote a post - or still want to write a post in honor of your supportive spouse - I’m happy to add to the festivities and will continue to add links here if you send them my way.

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5 Comments on “MVPs for Friday September 8th”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

    Chuck Huckaby

  2. Holly Schwendiman Says:

    ROFL Wendy. It is a little spooky that our blogosphere thoughts were aligned so closely on that one. Maybe we’re telepathic and don’t know it yet. *wink*

    Seriously though, what a great concept to pause and consider those MVPs in our lives that make us what we are. ;o) Now if I just had half his brain I’d be hooked! LOL


    Who rides on the coat tails of her hubby frequently!

  3. Carrie Sommer Says:

    I can assure you, I have no mountains in my backyard! That photo was taken on a summer trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA - my most favorite place on earth….

    Thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work! xo

  4. Holly’s Corner Blog » When Someone Cares Says:

    […] It’s funny how a simple note of you or a recent blog entry on someone else’s blog will give your heart a kick start., The first time I saw one for myself was before I’d written more than my introduction article. It was from my loving and prodding husband. Last week I got a surprise one from Wendy that made my day. It’s fun to see my blog come up on a recent carnvial too, and there’s something to be said for comments from others on your blogs - they’re all part of the love experience. But there’s something about an unexpected link that just really does something to me. To all who have given me a kick start I send you my sincere gratitude and a big cyber {{Hug}}. […]

  5. eMom Says:

    As I said recently in a different post - thanks for participating in my first ‘group writing project’ - it was a ton of fun and I love that you took me up on the offer to write about your spouses - thank you, thank you!

    Chuck - hope to link to you soon again, new friend - you have some good resources over there at your blog. :)