I Must Have Hit the Big Time Now

I got my first mean comment today! I think this means I have hit the big time!!!

I’m actually excited!

And the reason I GOT the mean comment is even cooler - get this. Darren over at Problogger has people stealing his content all the time. And it was fascinating on my end when he posted a link to me to watch that link start appearing in other places - all over the internet.

Some people weren’t copying, of course. They also found the link valuable, and linked to the same article. To you - I say, “Thanks!!” :)

But there were others - some simply pulling his feed, some using some more surreptitious techniques. One guy had obviously copied and pasted the post - just had left out the incriminating evidence that the post was written by someone else.

The inbound link came into my WordPress Dashboard, and that little feeling of glee hit me - Yay! Another link to me! But when I read it, I didn’t know what the hell to do. I looked for the guys contact info on the site. Of course it wasn’t there. Do I get greedy and just be happy for another inbound link?

I sat on it for a few hours or so, then decided to take action. 

I posted a comment on his post, saying that although I am grateful that he found my post valuable and appreciated the link to my blog, that he was in fact stealing Darren’s content. And I then suggested that he might want to rethink his content production strategy. ;)

So this morning, I received my first mean comment:

So, which business makes most money, from blogging, working from home, apart from “ghost blogging?” Or is this all a big hype, which is likely to collapse after all the biggies have sold out? Somehow, that’s what I feel.

Hhmmmm. Let’s see here. Am I ghost blogging? No, this is really me, with pen in hand scratching things off of my to do list:

Wendy Piersall - eMom Ghost or in the Flesh?

And is it big hype? I hope so, because I feel way more significant when people are hyping me!

But have the biggies sold out? I think a better question would be: Who is the sell out, Coriander? The ProBlogger who writes valuable content, or the person who steals it?

[And no, I won’t be providing a link to his blog. It’s gone now anyway since I sent the link to Darren and I’m sure he sicked the legal dogs on him. Go, Darren, go!!]

Actually, Coriander, I want to thank you. Now, it’s not hate mail, but I knew that by growing my blog and putting myself out there that not everyone would like what I have to say. But if I can measure my success by the amount of people who disagree with my stand on ethics, I am willing to take the heat to do the right thing.

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7 Comments on “I Must Have Hit the Big Time Now”

  1. Jonathan Bailey Says:

    Just a heads up, if you have any problems with content theft of your own work or need some help, just shoot me an email. I’ve shut down over four hundred cases of plagiarism of my own content and will be happy to assist.

    Good job on turning another scraper and spammer over to the proper authorities. Having worked some with Darren on these issues in the past, I know exactly how capable he is of protecting his work.

    I wouldn’t cross him.

    Anyway, just let me know if I can help!

  2. Wendy Piersall - Mindful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget » Mindful Entrepreneur Says:

    […] Wendy Piersall is the author, entrepreneur, and all-star Mom who runs this comprehensive site. My first encounter with Wendy came by way of a personalized email campaign requesting “blogging partnerships” with worthy bloggers. The eMom’s audacity and optimistic approach to self-creating inspired me to contact her right away. Since that first email exchange, I have become a regular follower of her blog and have watched her ascend to the heights of blogging success. […]

  3. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    The other day another blogger called me (toning down the language a tad) a poop. Guess we’re part of the same elite club, Wendy! :)

    Jonathan, we need to talk! I’ll contact ya.

  4. eMom Says:

    Johnathan - so glad you dropped by. What a valuable resource you are! In some ways, I hope to never have to get in touch. But if I am realistic about the way the world works, I guess I should say that I am looking forward to having these kinds of problems… :)

    Easton - thanks for dropping by you piece of crap! ;) How funny - I think we can call it a term of endearment at this point!

  5. Robyn Tippins Says:

    LOL, angry and mean really defines the internet at times. I’ve seen my content all over and it never ceases to tick me off. Grrr.

  6. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Indeed :)

  7. The Insurance Guy Says:

    I think with success come a few problems. But if you are big enough you can also intimidate those who cause problems. I think you have a very effective blog here, and recently there is a one way link to my struggling blog from here for which I offer endless thanks. I think I will go with WordPress myself, though not sure about Yahoo as a host. They are a terrible domain name registrar (work through Melbourne IT), but eventually I might just go with them as I see you are with them and thriving.