MVPs for Friday August 18th

I’m going to start a MVP Series - Most Valuable Posts of the week. Today I’m going to participate in ProBlogger’s Group List Writing Project - even though the email gods ate my own submission - not just once, but twice!! Even without my wise words included (ha!) Darren had over 300 articles submitted. Wow. There were some AMAZING posts submitted to this wonderful community blogging event, and I really wanted to share some highlights with you.

On Blogging:

The Problem with Writing . . . 25 Things to Know BEFORE You Write for a Living by Liz Strauss
“Every morning I get up and write blog posts . Then I go do my other writing work. I’ve been writing for a living for very long time. So I feel qualified to write this post. It’s not a rant. It’s a list. It’s a set of things that folks who think they might want to write for a living ought to know before they blindly follow their dream…”

10 Ways to Feature Crucial Posts by BlogFresh
“Like many blogs, this is a two-pronged blog….. There are the “hey did you see?” posts that steer readers & subscribers to interesting content elsewhere in the blogosphere, & then there’s the more substantial, meaty, original posts that we want you to read, inwardly digest, and act upon by adopting the suggested hack or exploring the reviewed service! So… how can bloggers (ourselves included) feature and draw attention to certain content within our blogs, & keep critical content alive once it falls off the front page…”

On Parenting:

10 Steps to a Happier Mealtime with Kids by Be a Good Dad
“Mealtimes with kids can be rough if you forget how to keep things under control. Most of the best tricks involve getting everybody focused on eating and talking calmly. Here are ten keys that we focus on when the kids start to get a little out of control at mealtime…”

The top ten traumas of my childhood by Matt Dinniman
“Here is a list of the top-ten most traumatizing experiences of my childhood. While I have had my share of adult-grade horror, I left those items out. With the exception of the top three…”

On Parenting AND Blogging!:

The Secret to Blogging and Baby Poop by Daddy Forever
“Your blog may be your baby, but taking care of a baby is not like blogging. The secret to being a good parent and blogger is knowing the difference between the two. Here are ten ways blogging and parenting are different…”

On Business and Entreprenurialism:

Starting your own business? Keep these things in mind! by Exec Admin Solutions
“Have you ever met someone who hears you have your own business, and immediately they launch into what they dream being a business owner is?  Sleeping in, watching Springer, getting a tan, Shopping…..  If only!”

And my personal favorite for the week:

Top 10 Ways to Get a Technorati Top 100 Blogger to Link to Your Blog or Website
by Solostream Webstudio
ROFLMAO! And he got TWO Top 100 Blogger links from the post!


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6 Comments on “MVPs for Friday August 18th”

  1. Demozi Says:

    huh..lotsa points to ponder..
    worth reading..
    would be nice reading more of your entries at problogger.

    See yah there. :=)

  2. Daddy Forever Says:

    I love the mini-post within a post on the middle column. Interesting idea. I will have to keep it in mind if I ever have the time to do a redesign of my site. Thanks for the link.

  3. eMom Says:

    Ken - no need for a redesign! This little idea of mine was SUPER easy to implement! I set up an additional blog. I did it with WordPress, but I could have done it with any blogging platform. I then went to FeedBurner and BuzzBoosted my Feed.

    Next I copied and pasted a tiny bit of code into my sidebar.

    Now I just post to the other blog - it doesn’t even really matter what it looks like because it rarely gets visited. The feed pulls the entries into my sidebar automatically and viola! Instant mini-post!

    The only thing I need to watch is to ensure my photos are less than 130 pixels wide, or it throws my whole layout off.

    Thanks for a GREAT post - one of my favorites out of all of them! :)

  4. meblogger Says:

    nice ideas, keep it up.

  5. Blog Bloke Says:

    “Top 10 Ways to Get a Technorati Top 100 Blogger to Link to Your Blog or Website”

    Or as Scoble and Guy Kawasaki would say “Just Suck Up”.

    Cheers Wendy!


  6. Mike Says:

    Somehow I didn’t notice this until today. Thanks for the mention. This trend of everybody linking to their favorite stuff they found online from the day or week or whatever is pretty cool. I see a fair number of people doing it. I’ll have to remember to do that from time to time.