Achieving Consistent Productivity from the Inside Out

As most of you know, my little eMoms at Home Blog wasn’t my original plan - I was going to make my fortune in affiliate marketing on a self help site. Then as I blogged about it over here, my whole plan got hijacked because you liked my work. Darn readers :) .

So I had my income plan all in place and then this happened. Now I’ll be honest, I’m kind of scrambling to rework my entire business plan to come up with a different revenue model, because when I went into this, I didn’t know the first thing about making money off of a blog. Go figure.

I’m wishing now that I could buy stock in and get a few cents back for every minute I spend on his site - I’d be surely raking in the dough by now if that were the case!

So I’m taking a lot of my own advice on business start-ups. Think Creatively. Add Value. Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Be Smart. Make Strategic Decisions. Work Hard! Follow my Heart! And probably most importantly: Get outside of my comfort zone and do whatever it takes to succeed.

To that end, I have studied the patterns of your clicks, dear readers, and I know what makes you tick. I know what you are looking for. You want to know how you can get more done in your home based business. You want guidance on being a success. And you want to know more about taking your business to the next level.

As much as I would love to simply blog for you for free, I am running a business here. And how can I show you how to make money from home unless I am making money from home?! 

So. I will lead by example. And here’s my good news!!

I am putting together the eMoms ProductivityJolt Program - Achieving Consistent Productivity from the Inside Out - which will feature the following:

  1. 8 weeks of small group coaching sessions - no more than 4 people on each conference call, each week. Each participant will get personal attention and a personalized program based on each individuals’ business and personal needs
  2. An analysis of your current business and personal strengths and weaknesses, which will tailor your individualized program
  3. A copy of my in-progress eBook:: ProductivityJolt! Achieving Consistent Productivity from the Inside Out
  4. Email support throughout the 8 week program
  5. A personal money-back guarantee you will accomplish more in this 8 week program than you did in the last 6 months combined!

I’m still working on timing and pricing. But I can tell you now this is a VERY hands-on program that I will be investing a lot of time and love into. You will get personal attention and I will be handing out weekly assignments based not on what I want to teach, but on what YOU need to get out of this program.

I can also say right now that I am only willing to open up this program to 20 people, because I can’t take on more than that right now and still guarantee the quality of the program.

WELL. I just made a big commitment and I have my work cut out for myself between now and the program launch! Please - everyone - whether or not you are interested in this program - feedback! I can’t wait to hear from you on this one! :)

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One Comment on “Achieving Consistent Productivity from the Inside Out”

  1. Jason Clegg Says:

    Wendy, this looks great - I’m sure your participants will get tons of info and expert help in the program. Keep up the good work!