TrafficJolt Tip of the Day: Go to the Carnival!

BlogCarnivals are a great way to increase traffic and inbound links for bloggers. I found them a little difficult to understand at first, so here’s a quick overview of a blog carnival:

A topic is chosen.

A bunch of bloggers write a post on the topic.

All of the bloggers send a link to their post to the Carnival host.

The Carnival host writes one big post talking about all of the submitted entries, linking to all of them.


A way to get even more traffic from a Blog Carnival is to volunteer to be the Carnival Host for an edition of the Carnival topic. Speaking of which, I am hosting the Carnival of Home Business here at eMoms at Home for the September 1 Edition. Yay me. The topic is on balancing work and home life - so relevant to what I normally write about!

If you want to do this, just go to Blog Carnival, find a Carnival you want to participate in, and send a quick email to the main Carnival contact, letting them know you want to host an upcoming edition. That way you get traffic throughout the month preceding the Carnival, and get to raise your blog’s visibility in your niche.

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