Database Scare and Tracking Feeds

Today I added a WordPress plugin to enable me to direct all of my feeds to FeedBurner, because I like them so darn much. WordPress was generating 3 feeds, but FeedBurner was only tracking one of them. I was getting a lot more hits on the other feeds - so the good news is that I have a lot more subscribers than I thought. Woo Hoo!

The bad news was that this particular plugin completely crashed my blog for an hour. Turns out it attempted to make an edit to my htaccess file on the server, and Yahoo Hosting wasn’t too happy ’bout that. The person I spoke to at Yahoo actually told me I would have to restore my database or reinstall WP. (I HADN’T BACKED UP MY DATABASE IN THE LAST 3 WEEKS!!!).

I thought my blog was gone, sunk, kaput. I panicked. Big Time.

But thankfully Sarah Lewis came to the rescue and did the most obvious of things - deleted the plugin from my site via FTP. And all was well.

*I’m breathing again*

Big hugs to you Sarah!!! :o )


PS. I found a better plugin, by the way. FD Feedburner Plugin 

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2 Comments on “Database Scare and Tracking Feeds”

  1. Blog Bloke Says:

    You can always burn your rss within feedburner and make your own links for the template. I offer three versions: title only, summary and full feed. Some people insist on full feeds but there’s a tradeoff. That’s why my default is summary. Cheers!

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