CowTipping…er, BLOGtipping (and Home Distractions…)

Jumping on the social bandwagon once again, I am going cowtipping…. I mean BLOGtipping today. Bad joke, yes, but I can’t get the cowtipping phrase out of my mind this morning… must. drink. coffee.

What is BlogTipping, you ask? Well, I’ve had some fun reading a few entries this morning, it’s kind of a bit of link love and ‘tipping your hat’ to a blog you enjoy (as well as offering a tip as well - as in advice). Here’s a good one at CopyBlogger and at Business BlogWire. The simple format is to pass out three compliments, one piece of feedback (I prefer to call it an ‘invitation to grow’!), link to the blog (duh), and finally, be sure to tag your post with “blogtipping”.

Actually, I believe I must get to that drinking coffee part before I finish this post, because I am going to have some FUN with this! BRB…

Ah, the joys of working at home - skip this sidebar if you don’t care about what it’s like having your office in the midst of children, a messy house, and a massive startup plan for a new business…

I went to make coffee - only to find the sink full of dishes and I was unable to make enough room to wash a mug. So I stopped working and did a load of dishes.

Then the kids woke up, wanting breakfast [the nerve… ;) ]

Then my husband calls - reminding me it’s trash day - and I’m frantically lugging bag after bag to the curb because we have forgotten to put out trash for about 3 weeks. [yeugh!]

Then more emails come in, along with an opportunity to get more exposure for the BlogJolt group - so I HAVE to follow up on that immediately…

Good thing I am ADD otherwise this life would drive me bonkers!

On to Blog Tipping… but I have now decided that this post is so darn long in and of itself, I had better keep my content in my BlogTipping post concise to not irritate the rest of the blogosphere with my rants about my little work at home corner of the world… :)

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2 Comments on “CowTipping…er, BLOGtipping (and Home Distractions…)”

  1. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Good explanation. Great job blogtipping! I hope you make this a monthly habit!

  2. Heather Says:

    I’m not surprised at the end of that to see you say you’re ADD. I have it too, and that feeling of jumping around from project to project or topic to topic is so very familiar to me!

    Course now I’m tempted to have coffee. Which I shouldn’t, ’cause… well, because I’d like to sleep tonight. :)