Antonella Pavese, You’ve Been BlogTipped!

FINALLY onto my BlogTipping project for the day…

My first shout out goes to Antonella Pavese, who’s blog is one of the first I ever read. I remember considering starting a blog, and I believe I was doing some research on what other women are blogging on. It was well before I launched my own efforts - yet I was so impressed. She writes about her passion - which is a great mixture of technology, psychology, women, and just her own voice.

  1. The reason this is relevant to moms is this: Antonella has taken the time to know herself well enough to understand her strengths, find her inner wisdom, and has taken the leap to publish the whole kit and kaboodle together in a delightfully fascinating blog.
  2. Antonella writes about the user experience, which is something that I believe moms naturally pay attention to without realizing it, or even being aware of it. If you are a true eMom (and I mean a mom who wants to start an internet based / tech business) this is a subject that needs true planning and conscious attention - making a site or blog easy to understand, navigate and read will make or break your business. Period.
  3. I adore her most recent post on owning our own power and strengths. This is something I have been working on consciously recently. (Very) generally speaking, women seem to back away from their own power and light. I can go on and on about my ruminations as to why this is - but suffice it to say that when I made the decision to really embrace and LIVE the powerful woman I am, amazing things started happening in my life.

My tip? From our great little email chat yesterday, Antonella made a quick deduction that her blog isn’t really relevant to moms - perhaps she was kindly trying to decline my invitation to join the BlogJolt group. ;) But if not, I would suggest simply that she think of herself as relevant to all women (and men) - because anything spoken from her true self is relevant, period.

By taking this identity on, she can continue to lead by example as she ‘owns’ her own great blogging success.

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2 Comments on “Antonella Pavese, You’ve Been BlogTipped!”

  1. Antonella Says:

    thank you for the wonderful, warm, kind words…

  2. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Very cool to be able to discover blogs in this way. Nice job!