New eMoms BlogJolt Yahoo! Group

Inspired by the success of the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo Group, I have started a similar forum for women bloggers to work together to help each other build traffic and visibility in the blogging community.

The valuable key idea borrowed from the LinkedIn Bloggers group is a “BlogJolt” (they call it a Blog Boost). Each week, a group member with a blog is selected for the featured BlogJolt. The group members each post an entry referencing and linking to the target blog, thereby flooding the recipient with traffic, visibility and an increased Technorati Rank. Some requirements for becoming the target BlogJolt will be previous participation in past BlogJolts and at least 20 previous blog entries which other bloggers can reference.

I will be on a crusade over the next few weeks to invite my fellow women bloggers to join the group and get involved.

Please join the eMoms BlogJolt Group now - it’s free, and a valuable service to you and our community. Please also email this post to a friend with the link below to help spread the word and add members. The more we have in the group, the more it benefits everyone!

I have also added a page separate blog into the main navigation. We need at least 25 members to launch our first BlogJolt. Please tell your fellow female bloggers now!

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2 Comments on “New eMoms BlogJolt Yahoo! Group”

  1. Easton Ellsworth Says:

    Great idea, Wendy. I’ll tell our KMM lady bloggers about this!

  2. eMom Says:

    Please do, please do! :)