I just got a call from Les Brown!

Holy Cow! I just got a call from Les Brown!!! As in, motivational speaker, best selling author, and radio and tv celebrity Les Brown!

I’m still spinning… it was a short and sweet call. He is out to dinner tonight with my dear friend and coach, Alan Brown (no relation), who owns and runs the Anthony Robbins & Associates franchise here in the Chicago area. Alan and Les is going to be partnering on some business ventures, and he told Les about what I am doing with eSelfHelp. Les actually called to say that he is really looking forward to working with US, said he’s looking forward to meeting me soon, AND offered his help on the site!!!!!

Forgive me for acting like a giddy little schoolgirl here, but this is HUGE! I feel so humbled, yet at the same time, so much bigger than I did just a few minutes ago… Wow, I am just darn grateful to be alive, to have followed my heart to get to this day, and that I get to share it all with an audience on the internet that gets to come along for the ride…



Did I mention how grateful I am?!?!!??!?!?!!?!???!??!?! :)

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One Comment on “I just got a call from Les Brown!”

  1. Robyn Tippins Says:

    Very cool! Congrats :)