Finally, a Decision on my Business Position

I have been surprised at the last two weeks of success and transition with the eMoms at Home blog. Firstly, I was delighted and happy to hear from readers I didn’t even know I had in regards to what direction the blog should take. Secondly, I have been even more happy and surprised at the amount of traffic the blog is seeing in it’s relative infancy (I still don’t even have a full three months of posts yet). My musings, both public and private, have pushed me to get very clear on what the heck I am doing here… and I’m ready to unveil my future plans for both this site and eSelfHelp. The questions I have been asking myself have been difficult and challenging. Thankfully, I believe in my heart that I am on the right path, so backing down is simply NOT an option (and a good thing, too, because this has definitely been a challege!!).

In regards to eMoms at Home

  1. I will continue to post about the techy behind-the-scenes site building process, as I know this is just plain valuable information for any person who wants to know what it is truly like to build a content site from scratch, from home, and with kids running around.
  2. I’ll also continue to write about internet marketing, even though it’s not my true area of expertise. I have been writing about my marketing experiments and initiatives along the way - which in the end will help the readers to understand what doesn’t work as well as what does. This will also help as you consider investing in true internet marketing training programs, because you will be more educated and knowledgeable on the actual behind-the-scenes workings of running an internet based business.
  3. I will be adding articles and material written more specifically about the personal side of working from home. This will include examining and maximizing our personal strengths and weaknesses, the mental obstacles that many women face when we are required to believe in ourselves and our abilities at a higher level than we have in the past, self-sabotage, and tools and techniques to empower ourselves to reach for and accomplish our dreams.
  4. An exciting component of this is that I will be building an assessment tool to help determine what an individuals’ personal obstacles are, clarify what is limiting and holding progress back, and provide a written report with a road map to get you to where you need to go.

As for eSelfHelp, it will need to be rebuilt from the ground up. I will also be creating it with a CMS (Joomla!), so the time to have it up and running again will be longer than I had hoped, but the site will have a much stronger foundation - content-wise AND technologically. So the external development of the site will be on hold as I work on it in the background. Consequently, I will temporarily throw more of my efforts towards eMoms at Home, as I am thoroughly enjoying taking on this new-ish direction with the blog and making the most of the success to date.

eSelfHelp will become more of a content site (meaning written by me), and will incorporate a lot more of my expertise than it currently does. The big plans for the site will be in the content library, in which I will be developing an audio file library of self-hypnosis material, NLP and Time Line Therapy workshops, meditations and visualizations. Worksheets and workbooks will also be incorporated into the library which will eventually be available on a subscription basis. The material will be directed into three growth tracks as mentioned earlier, entreprenurial, personal and spiritual. I will continue to promote and sell other products from different self help experts, because they all have their own strengths and I am not seeking to be everything to everyone.

And finally, I have let go of the idea that I need to merge the two sites into one. There are things I want to put out there that are very specific to work at home moms, and then of course, things that will appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, it is wise to diversify my streams of income, especially in an internet based business. If things eventually evolve into one site, that’s fine too. For now, they will be developed separately.

First up is going to be a series of articles on work at home challenges, similar to my article The Top Ten Working from Home Mistakes.

I am also taking ‘requests’ so to speak. What is YOUR number one personal challenge when it comes to working from home? Is it staying focused? Is it a belief (or lack thereof) in your talents and abilities? Is it procrastination? Please comment or contact me privately with your input and your suggestions will be included in future content on the site!


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