My Business Identity Challenge

Well, my brainstorm of last week has left my mind stewing constantly on how the heck I move forward with a “new direction”. I found it quite challenging to create a way to combine this material into one topic, and hopefully - one site. The demands of maintaining two sites is already getting to be far more than I had anticipated - and to really grow this, I need to focus, focus, focus (I think I need to tattoo that on the back of my hands for continual awareness!!).

My dear friend and great coach Marla Tabaka came over to my rather messy house yesterday to help me out. She and I have worked together for over six years, and there is simply no other person on the planet that I can brainstorm with like I can with her - we always come up with the most amazing ideas together! In true coach form, she asked all the right questions to help me get around my biggest hangup - I just couldn’t get the content of both sites organized in my mind into a cohesive site. The following is what I have been able to pull together based on some of the findings from our wonderful meeting…

One of the things that was holding me back was that I have been trying to keep my own personality out of, preferring to let the big self help experts take center stage. But it became abundantly clear that the reason eMomsatHome is working is because my personality is a big ingredient. Lesson Learned:: be true to myself and my own abilities.

The second hangup was bringing this all down to one site. The eMoms site is quite established and getting a good amount of traffic. But eSelfHelp has the great URL and more mass appeal. Plus is has its own respectable traffic numbers that’s growing daily - so my goal is to merge what is working well on both sites into one. But how could I target stay at home moms on a self help site? I want to niche my content, but my ultimate goal is to touch way more people than just work at home moms.

So I just finished my soul searching and created a rough site map for eSelfHelp, with three tracks, one for personal growth, one for spiritual growth, and one for entreprenurial growth. I can slightly broaden the content of this site a bit and then shift it under the entreprenurial wing of eSelfHelp. Lesson Learned:: When confused about direction, always 1-turn to your heart for guidance and 2-use your ultimate outcome as a compass.

Whew! Getting this rough site map in place has been my obsession - because without a framework, it’s difficult to create an action plan. It’s kind of like having an outline for a book or business plan. Taking on the whole project in your mind can be quite overwhelming. But if you create an outline or site map, the project is easily broken down into chunks that you can work on one at a time (or several, if you are a multitasker like me).

Now that I have this framework, I’ll be able to continue to piece together the whole site, continue to blog about it here, and eventually bring it all together as more and more content gets developed.

But for now, I have a whole site to rebuild… with a newfound passion to make a bigger difference than I was able to before!

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3 Comments on “My Business Identity Challenge”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’m enjoying your ramblings on the subject of finding your focus. It’s one of my favorite topics. You are right - you have to be true to you or you won’t be happy with what you’re doing long term :)

    I look forward to seeing things take shape for you.

  2. eMom Says:

    Thanks Kelly! You have some great resources on your site as well - I’m glad to have your input and to know more about what you are doing as well.

    I remember studying leadership in college, and my favorite teacher was open and honest about all of her strengths - and weaknesses. She was transparent at times with her fears and was willing to be vulnerable in front of the class. This was so inspiring to me - to know my leader was “just like us” sometimes… She was willing to alllow herself to be transparent to the world so that we may learn how to overcome our own fears.

    There is a time and a place for transparency and a time to truly and deeply shine, so to speak. It’s my intention to keep this site true to my ultimate purpose - which will demand that I share the entire experience as appropriate.

    I’m also thrilled to see the response - I think we always intuitively know when someone is speaking from their heart; I’m grateful for the great feedback to date from you and others as well! Thanks again!!

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