Work Life Balance for the Work at Home Mom

I’m just posting to say that after the most successful week for this eMoms at Home blog ever, I am off this weekend for a big group camping trip with some of my best friends in the world, along with their families. Ironically enough, one of them is a work at home mom, and I didn’t even know it! I thought she ran her business out of an office!

 I feel blessed to have the work-life balance I have by working from home. Certainly, I could take off for a camping trip even if I had a real job. But I was the coordinator for the entire trip, and it would have been difficult to pull that off on “office time”.

I was commenting on another blog this week as to just how important it is to maintain work-life balance when you are working from home. It’s much easier to maintain when we work in an office, because it is so much easier to leave work ‘at work’. When the lines blur in the home, the effects can be disasterous, on both your business and your mental clarity and sanity! I speak from experience on that one…

More on this topic will start creeping into this blog as I take a personal turn in content - meaning that if we can’t keep ourselves happy and healthy, we certainly can’t keep a business healthy and thriving.

So I am off to have some fun to keep my happiness as a priority… have a great weekend everyone!

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