Working at Home in the Summer… Focus, Focus, Focus!

Yes, I have been having FOCUS challenges lately! The short Chicago summer is here, we have a new (well, used, but new to us) boat, and three very rambunctious and active kids who tend to bounce off of walls easily.

How timely it was to receive this emailed blog entry from Rosalind Gardner. The post is entitled, “Affiliate Marketing: Mixing Pleasure with Business” and is SO appropriate for these summer months when what I really want to be doing is taking my kids to the zoo.

I am writing about focus, or more specifically, Boredom, on the eSelfHelp blog this week - I’m creating fuel to keep me on top of my game even when the boat is calling my name, and the kids are going stir crazy…

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One Comment on “Working at Home in the Summer… Focus, Focus, Focus!”

  1. Kristie Tamsevicius Says:

    Wow! I live in the Chicago area too! Yes, it’s very hard to stay focused in the summer. The kids are home. It’s gorgeous outside. I try to incorporate the summer into my schedule. When I have my morning coffee, I sit outside by my flower garden and drink it. When I have lunch, I go sit in the back yard by the bird feeder and watch the yellow finches eat their lunch too!

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    Enjoy your summer working at home! I feel so sorry for those people who have to sit in cubicles and MISS the summer sunshine!