Learning site optimization as I go…

Well, it’s been a bit frustrating lately here at eMoms. But I am getting back into the swing of things again, as I am committed to making my work from home business succeed.

I spoke with my friend Jonathan the other day, and he and I had a great conversation in regards to getting ranked by Google. This is no small feat in some circumstances, and definitely in my case. Seems as though both eMomsatHome.com and eSelfHelp.com might have been sandboxed by Google. As we discussed all of the influencing factors, we determined that the one mistake I likely have made so far is hosting both sites with the same hosting company, and doing a lot of linking between the two sites. Well DUH, this site is documenting the creation of that site… but the little GoogleBot doesn’t know that, and has subsequently postponed ranking my sites.

I am still in the process of switching my blog from the NucleusCMS platform to Wordpress. It’s a bit tedious, but not difficult work. So I am having to set up the blog AGAIN, this time on . The setup was certainly easier, I didn’t have to create a SQL database or anything - just a couple of clicks. I am keeping eSelfHelp on , as they are really simple to use and I like them.

More surprises to come - stay tuned!

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