Building an Affiliate Web Site from Scratch

Building an affiliate site from scratch is a lot more work than I thought it would be. The affiliate part is easy. I didn’t realize that being a webmaster was so #$&* time-consuming! I even bought a template and have been working my pages from that, and this is just taking SO much longer than I thought.

OK, I admit that part of my timing problem is my neurotic need to be the biggest and the best and to have everything perfect. But I am of the mind that if I am going to start my own company again, I had better darn well do it right from the start. Plus, when it comes to an affiliate/eCommerce site, nothing short of perfection will do, or else I risk losing people’s trust from the start.

So I threw up nearly 15 new pages this weekend of content in the Addiction and Recovery section of eSelfHelp. I’m quite pleased with the work I have done so far, but I have literally been working non-stop (as in, from 9:00am to about 12:00am nearly every day this week). I know I’m breaking one of my rules here again, but I have promised the family they can have their mom back on June 1. So far they have been pretty understanding. )

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