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As I hone in on getting these sites up and running, I am going to ensure that I stay focused on two things - internet marketing and working at home. I have been working non-stop on developing the content and pages for eSelfHelp - and for now it’s just pulling together advertising, great products, and finding articles as I just don’t have the bandwidth to write much content as of yet.

Getting these blogs going has been a huge boon to the site traffic so far. Even though I am getting only about 20 visitors a day, the blogs are fed out via RSS readers to a much wider audience, and the other day, my Affiliate Marketing 101 post got over 2000 views (still trying to figure that one out…). But THAT rocks.

I added a better RSS feed to the eSelfHelp site via FeedBurner. God, do I love what they are doing! They can’t help get the blog set up, but once you are up and running, they have the easiest darn tools to “Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, Analyze” and even “Troubleshootize” (honest - check out the screenshot!) your blog. Plus they have a damn good and entertaining copywriter who writes the content for their site - and he/she makes you feel so darn comfortable knowing nothing about this stuff!!

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