eMoms at Home is Cruising Along!

Wow! I have hardly touched this site beyond daily blogging and my Alexa rank has skyrocketed nearly as much as eSelfHelp has! I”ve broken the top 100,000!

I have to tell you that even though this is my third home-based business, I have never been more gratified by what I am doing. And frankly, I’ve made all of $3.08 so far (don’t be scared folks - I don’t have my revenue streams in place yet!!).

I think one of the reasons I really want to create eSelfHelp is that I really want people to find the happiness I have - or more precisely, their own. That might not be a work-at-home business, but for me it is for now. And I know there are millions of other moms out there who really want more time at home, yet also want to maintain their career, or need the extra income.

Yes, it’s a risk. Yes, it’s scary. YES, you may fail. But you may SUCCEED! And I can tell you from my heart that it is SO worth it!

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